I started at 11 years of age. it was so embarrassing i never knew what periods was at the time. the pain was excrusiating and i could not walk straight. i went home and everythin was explained to me by my mum.

now they are even worse and gettin worse every month. now when i get them it takes me ages to get out of bed im nearly screaming. then followed by vomiting, migraines and diahorria. the sad things is i cant even swallow tablets cause everytime i do i gag so much that i throw them back up.

ive tried everything went to a doctor and i had a small ovarian cyst which disappeared in time and they said that i have endrometrious.

tho the thing is i find sleeping on my side and knees up to the chest help only a little no big difference. so now im gonna try to take difene which works everytime i take it so ill just force it down my neck with food and if that works im sorted.

yes a hot bath does wonders for a few hours and then its back to square one. its like living in hell no peace. actually now that ill think of it ill go for a bath now xxx

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awww thakns honey what helps me now is difene and NSAIDS prescription pills they seem to do the trick <br />
<br />
thanks honey *hugs*

I thought the medical proffesion in the U,S. was much better than our. I asm sure their are some kind of tablets you can take. Do not let anybody do something to you body that you do not agree with. You have been so much life is not fair. Hold your head up eye and start to control yourself. When you are cutting yourself what are you thinking and feeling xxx

i dont know why they just said that i have it and thats it. they said that i could have a D&C but my mum refuses me to get it

i'm sorry sweetie... that sounds rough...