I Love My Pale Skin~

I've always been very pale. I'm so pale that, when I'm outside on cloudy days, my skin is literally white. Like, actual white. And on sunny days, I can blind people because of how much my skin reflects. People have made fun of me for it, mostly other pale people who are less pale than me, but I actually really love it. I never could tan, and even if I could I wouldn't want to. I love how pure and white my skin looks, I've even had people tell me it makes me look like an angel in the light. I guess I'm saying all of this because I hate the way people think tanning is better, in reality tanning is unhealthy and while being out in the sun and absorbing vitamin D is very good for you, getting tanned or burned (although I do get burned a lot...) is bad for your skin. And the sad thing is people know this, yet they continue to go to tanning beds and lay out in the sun with no sunscreen trying to change their natural skin color. It's very upsetting. Sometimes I think I should move to the countries that still value pale skin as more beautiful than tan skin, they surely would love me there haha.

JuliaSaysHi JuliaSaysHi
13-15, F
Aug 2, 2010