I Get Panic Attacks When.

I get panic attacks when I'm upset about things from the past and from the present.
I hate them. I hyperventilate, cry, scream, shake, and get terrible migraines.
They go on for different amounts of time depending on the level of pain, hurt, and emotion within the situation.
And they bother the people I love, when I get panic attacks I like to try and talk to someone, or for someone to listen to me.
And they scare the people I love; they scare myself sometimes.
I don't like my panic attacks :(
xXPsychochic56 xXPsychochic56
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Yeah. I already have a therapist so I've been getting through a couple of hard things in my life. <br />
I don't get them as often anymore. Which is amazing :D

I hate them too, there seriously tough but you just gotta find the right method of dealing with them that suits you. Eg. Breathing, yoga, relaxation, distraction. Maybe try conselling? Especially because you know why you get them so it might be easier to work through? Good luck :)