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Recently Diagnosed

i have been recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder with panic attacks. the worst ones are when I'm driving and almost pass out


stromy stromy 22-25, F 1 Response Jan 7, 2010

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You need your breathing.<br />
<br />
It's all about the breath,<br />
<br />
Don't let some doc tell you that somthing wrong with you the next thing they try to do is give you some kind of meds, It's stressful times, there alot of Anxiety going around it nomanal most of us are going though the something, It's up to you on how you handle it. <br />
<br />
I couldn't let someone who has no idea who I am diagnose me with some kind of disorder. <br />
<br />
You need to find out what's causing your Anxiety and work from there. go on youtube a type in Meditations, try some of them and see if this works,<br />
<br />
Just take one Nano second at a time don't think about what could happen or what should happen just live in the moment. and your Disorder should go away with time.<br />
<br />
remember you are in control of you feelings, no one else can make you feel anyway that you don't want to feel. Why do you have them more when you drive? What makes you have Anxiety when you drive? answer those questions, and the next time you're about to have an attack ask yourself why am I having this Attack? what has this much control over me and why? and just get over it. say no more. TAKE CONTROL