I "used" To Have Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are horrible. I used to have them from my early teens and off and on throughout my life until a few years ago.

I travel often for a living and I was driving down the road when I had my last panic attack (chest pains included). I pulled off on the side of the road and took some deep breaths and continued on with work.

With this last attack I decided I had to get to the root cause of them. I really looked at my life.

So, what caused them?

1. Trying to do much to please others.
2. Not taking time to relax and enjoy my life.
3. Being married to someone who increased my stress level because of her endless demands.
4. Having too many expectations for myself.
5. Not getting enough sleep.
6. Not getting enough exercise.
7. Having a high stress sales job and a bipolar boss.

How did I end the panic attacks.

1. I realized that it wasn't my job to make other people happy.
2. I started taking time to relax and enjoy myself, even though my wife criticized me for it.
3. I quit caring what my wife wanted..I know this sounds bad, but her material wants couldn't be satisfied by Donald Trump and she mad no effort to contribute.
4. Instead of trying to live up to everyone's expectations I started doing what is right for me and my life and personality.
5. I started getting more sleep and quit drinking alcohol.
6. I started an exercise routine. Even just walking around with my kids helped. I currently got involved with a pretty tough P90X program. I recommend doing the exercise that is right for you. You don't have to become Mr. or MIss America.
7. I started doing what I could realistically at work. I did my best and let the rest of it go. I did not worry about hitting goals and numbers. I still made the effort, but I did not worry about the results.
8. I tried prayer and meditation. Prayer is definitely better. Plus, during prayer you will receive little insights about life.

I hope this helps someone.
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2 Responses Apr 14, 2012

I completely understand I used to have panic attacks too. My biological sister used to cause them stressful lifestyles can cause it. I am glad I live alone no problems no worries. Just take one day at a time. Divorcing sounds good she seems like a gold digger and only wants your money to look good for other men.

You are doing everything exactly right, MMF. You are finding the ways to live within your very difficult challenges and manage your health problems. You do realise that you have way too much stress, don't you?