Panic Attacks At 19

I'm nineteen and I have always been an anxious person. But I was probably about 18 when I had my first panic attack. They are scary, but luckily I have a few ways to deal with them. There are only a few symptoms that I actually get: 

-I start hyperventilating really badly
-I feel unreal as though I'm not really there and I can't remember anything.

The ways in which I deal with the panic attacks are:
-I have counselling to help me deal with the root cause of the panic attacks

I had one earlier this week and my friend was with me and she managed to calm me down by asking me to look into her eyes so I didn't feel unreal, she held my hand and helped me to control my breathing by breathing with me and eventually slowing my breathing down. My panic attacks usually last for less than 10 minutes and I've got a few great friends who help me deal with them. I'm lucky in that I feel as though I can cope with them but not without the help of my friends and the counselling sessions. 

Thanks for reading.

Cutey01234 Cutey01234
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1 Response May 11, 2012 are really lucky to have such friends and am sure things shall never turn out too tough for you untill you have them with you...:)<br />
All the best for your life :)