This Helps Me Keep Panic Attacks At Bay..

I recently had a full fledged derealization panic attack and it really freaked me out because I couldn't figure out what had changed in my life that caused it. I have been dealing with some things that could cause this to happen but I have had the same things happening for quite some time and there hasn't been any change that I can pin point that caused it to happen. So now when I feel even a slight bit of the feeling I felt before I had the "out of body" panic attack I start trying to calm myself down and accidentally discovered that slowly counting to 100 several times in a row really calmed me down (I was riding on my exer-bike and sometimes I just start counting out loud while I ride for no particular reason other than I guess I am counting the minutes I am riding on it). My only guess as to why this might help is that while I am counting my brain can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time and therefore quits thinking about being panicked while I am counting and when I quit riding the bike the feeling of panic is gone. It may only work for me but I figured it can't hurt to suggest it. It may be all in my head but I guess that is where the panic attack is also. Let me if anyone else finds that slowly counting to 100 helps them.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Panic attacks can be the worst. I know first hand how terrible U can feel physically and mentally. I still get that feeling every now and then, but thats a sure sign that I'm being to hard on myself and I have to go through the ritual of telling myself that I am not the bad person that I've got myself believing.
If you're in the habit of self destruction,......quit. Remember the rain and after it stops.

I am not self destructive and I don't really think I am too hard on myself but knowing why things happen and controlling them are two entirely different things, obviously or we would all control things more. It has been over thirty years since I have had a panic attack like the one I had the other day and last time it was when I was getting better and I was so used to having something to deal with that my mind didn't know how to deal with there being nothing ahead to dread (had to make the rhyme:) so I hope that this is a sign my brain is recovering though it didn't seem like it when I felt like I was losing it! All one can do is keep on doing! Thanks for the positive thoughts, we all need them even if we are positive by nature.