The Front Door.

It's scary to take that one step. The breath of fresh is relieving. I think about what is next. I usually plan my day the night before. So I know where to go and just move vastly to get each task done. Faces are a blur. I try to smile but I never know who I am smiling too. I say polite things in hopes that makes up for not looking them in the face. Can anyone out there connect with me. I have other different issues but this is all I am willing to share for tonight.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I am exactly the same way, i hate having to go out and be around people, so i do it as fast and as organized as possible. i'm so bad that sometimes i go into coughing almost choking spells when im out. This has got in the way of my familys happiness. i try to go to therapy, but its so bad, that gives me anxiety.

Are you on meds, they help, I have dealt with this for years

Hi, I'm glad you made that first step,
I really like to hide too.
So glad this is invisible,
the reasons beyond believing.

They say, "The hardest door to go through, is your own."
It must be true ~
I fight the urge to run back inside all the time.

Sometimes we all need a little nudge,
Did you know Isolation is not good for us?
We are supposed to be social creatures.

My son also has severe anxiety.
He says he took an anti-histimine several days ago,
already he can tell the difference.
His theory is that we build up a high histamine level,
and then we go kooky inside.
We even feel like the panic will give us a heart attack.

I'm kind of a kooky poet.
You know What?
I can also see poetry in you.
A note from "Boshie"

Thank you for sharing I am feeling a little less alone in this venture.