Just Another Day...

Good days are seldom for a panic attack sufferer. These days are considered okay, because well, we survived another one. Our days are just okay because we know just over the horizon another one lies waiting to pounce on us. An invisible cloak that surrounds us when we least expect it, and strangles us just enough so we feel its presence. When the cloak surrounds us, we must not fear it, but instead embrace it. It will soon pass and release its grip. We must fight through the uneasy thoughts, and physical symptoms, because we will survive. Embrace the fact that it helps us to appreciate life, be thankful that we as panic sufferers are more intune to our bodies than the average person. We are more aware of things. Today is still just an okay day but I can deal with that.
Kstampfly Kstampfly
31-35, M
Jan 23, 2013