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It all started when I was 18 and the weight of the world was on my shoulders, or so I thought.  It sure felt like I had the weight of the world on my chest. I was soon to find out that I was having panic attacks. That was the start of my life with panic and anxiety, not for normal every day life things, but for things that everyone else seems to have control over.
 Only with experience of age have I learned that I really started having them when I was a child. Unfortunately, I still have them and they are still a mystery to me.
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I have had them and still do at night when I sleep. I use to have them daily. I have learned what they are and actually don't get them in the waking hours anymore. I use to get them at anytime and anywhere. The worst for me was when I would be stuck on a freeway in non-moving traffic. I would get to the point where I couldn't breathe in my car. I would want to get out and get oxygen. I couln't do that so I would set there in sheer panic feeling like I was going to die.<br />
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I learned how to breathe thru them and now don't have them at all in the awake hours. I still get them at night , not often but enough. My heart races and I get winded. I use to think I was having a heart attack. I also breathe thru them. It brings my heart rate down and I get my breath back and I am fine. You have to believe that is all it is then you will stop making it worse. Our fear aggravates the situation when we are in it. Hang in there.. If you need to talk find me here.

i have panic att so bad i wish i could have a better way of dealing with them.i cant travel at all.i have missed out on so much of my life,i want to make friends who have them,i know they will understand me

if you where to find out what they are caused from like a bad early childhood experience with something or anything else you may find your answer and learn how to deal with it better.