My Worst Public Panic Attack

I was in 6th grade in a study hall. I couldn't breath and felt overwhelming terror. I don't remember all of it, just glimpses.

My teacher sat next to me on the floor, and I was under the desk. I put a chair between us because I wanted to be alone. Everyone was laughing, my only friend at the time joined in, and I crawled away from the teacher and everyone else. She threatened me with detention and made me say I was ready to "act like a big girl and sit at my desk instead of on the floor." I didn't go to school for a week after that.

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

oh thats so sad that ur teacher was mean to you<br />
ive had panic actaks all my life i didnt know what they were i can rember my first one it was i think in the 5 th grade and i was on the school bus and it was crouded and i was the last one on the seat i felted dizzy and over whelmed <br />
i dint know what it was i didnt tell anyone .