I had the first panic attack of my life two nights ago.....I didn't know what it was! Then yesterday I was fine, then today while I was hanging out with my ex, I had two...then on the way home I had one...then I had two in the garage...then 3 when I got up to my room......8 in one day, in the course of 3 hours.....
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I suffer with panic attacks and you can control them if you can find the trigger causing them . When you feel an attack coming on just lay down close your eyes and relax and control your breathing . I suffer from depression and agrophobia .

The trigger is anything related to my ex....I'll try to remember the laying down trick, thanks :)

To be honest, you're thinking too much & end up in panic. Once you realise you have control of your thoughts it should lessen. Don't let irrational thoughts take over - you're stronger than that. Believe in yourself.

This has never happened before!!! I've always over thought things but never ended up have a panic attack!!!

It's scary as hell when the first one was only me alone in my room.....

Me too, about 17yrs ago, couldn't stand up, couldn't breathe but once I was over it, I knew it was in my power to stop those "anxiety from hell" thoughts. At first I used distraction, & as each time it felt like it was going to happen, it got easier to stop them.
Is there something that's really bothering you at the moment?

One got so bad tonight I couldn't see....
Every attack has been related to my ex...

Oh sweetheart. An ex is an ex for a reason - they weren't right for you.
Big question - are you safe or do you feel threatened (doesn't need to be physical threats, emotional threats are nasty too).
Or is it a feeling of being lost, feeling a little misplaced?

He broke up with me because I was.......(word worse than idiot) and cheated.....
I guess I feel threatened by myself maybe....I don't know...
I don't know I just.......he was my everything......and we're still friends so......:(

Damn, that's a crappy situation to be in. Must be fate we're talking cause I cheated on my husband (of 22yrs) because I didn't think he loved me as much as I loved him. He also has a bad habit of humiliating me, flirting & leering at other women, then he put it on my (very hot) closest girlfriend. Shattered me, so I looked up an old boyfriend. Then **** got real I gotta tell ya. Lol. That was 2yrs ago & every day is still a battle.

We have 3 kids, youngest is 9 & we're both trying really hard to repair the damage.
How long were you together?

Wow....I'm very sorry....
Only a few months.....
The guy I was in love with before him, David, we were friends for 5 years, I was in love with him for 4 years, we dated for almost a year, took me a year to get over him....he didn't even make me this upset...

Few months, few years, doesn't matter the time, it only matters how you feel. My old boyfriend has been stuck in my heart for 28yrs, loved him hardcore then & still do now. But I do love my husband, for all his faults lol. And I wasn't very fair to either if them, I'm very ashamed of my actions but I also know I'm human.
And, if my girlfriend (bless her) hadn't knocked hubby back, situation would have been reversed. I probably would have forgiven him but to be honest, I'm not 100% :)
Life can sux big time.
I suppose it's a matter of sorting out what type of person you want to be, work on achieving that & the right person will be drawn to you.
One thing I do know is, leave the door open for your ex to come back into your life (after their hurt has lessened). Let them know how you feel about hurting them (be super honest here), that you'll never hurt them like that ever again (only if you mean it) & that you want to earn their trust if that's possible. Then, my new friend, you have to truly earn it.
That means total access to your phone, email & any other communication avenues you use. You also mustn't lie about friends, where you are & what you're doing.
It's a hugely confronting thing to do but it's the only way to rebuild trust.

He has a new girlfriend....he says he loves her....I've got no chance....he says he forgives me...but we can never go back to the way things were before....

Good morning Raven (cool name)
At 45yrs old, with lots of experience in life, I know nothing is set in concrete - I know your heart hurts atm, so it's time to concentrate on you (& try to occupy yourself until your pain lessens).
Is there something you'd like to achieve or try or do? Close your eyes, calm your heart, think about what you'd like to do just for yourself & picture yourself doing it. It can be anything, for me, it was learning to do nail artistry, now I have the sexiest nails lol.
Be aware of your talents, know you're a good person, know you're valued & loved, & know that you're strong enough to get past this heartache. There's nothing more beautiful (& sexy) then a person with a broken heart who still believes in themselves.
The right person for you is out there, you just gotta let them find you.

My goal right now is to place first at Worlds dance competition....

Oh choice!!! Gotta tell me more, but I have to go to work now :(
I'll catch up in about 10hrs :)

Hey Raven,
Hope today was a better day. So.....worlds dance competition, that's a pretty awesome goal. Where & when?

It'll be at Orlando Florida in January! I have to do 3 competitions before then, I've already done Dance Mardi Gras in New Orleans, then onto Panama City, then to Christmas in Dixie in Alabama! Then onto worlds!!

That is so awesome, not only do I wish I had some form of coordination to be able to dance without it looking like I'm having a fit, but I am in awe of someone like you who can make it happen in front of a crowd. I'll be cheering you on, from sunny Brisbane, Australia.
This morning, when you look in the mirror, tell that beautiful person that they are awesome :)
And with that courage, to perform in public, I definitely know you're strong enough to dismiss any anxiety attacks.

Thank you, you're very sweet :)

Sounds like stress is the reason for your anxiety. Not so much your ex.
It might be good for you to talk to your doctor and get on medication and/or have some pills with you for when you do get a full blown panic attack. They're scary and embarrassing!
I have suffered from them for 14 years now. Went to counseling and didn't work.
I've been on meds since then. Tried to stop taking it/ but my attacks came back. :(
I haven't had one for over 4 years now- but do live a stress/drama free life with a wonderful guy and my children are now older- so that's already less work in itself! Haha
But there's nothing wrong with having a little security blanket (pill) in case you feel too anxious.

You've replied to the wrong person. It's Raven having them.
Thank you for your response.

My First day on this- I'm a little lost! Lol

It's my 3rd day.
Big hello :)

Might not even stay for long. I'm completely lost! Haha
Hello to you- from Michigan! 👋

Hi, I think I'm the one you were trying to respond to :)
Thank you for what you said, I'm really not very stressed out right now, school is pretty light, dancing is all I do 24/7 but it's relaxing, not stressful....just anything that reminds me of him makes me break down.....unfortunately my mom never takes me to the dr, I don't drive, and we don't have enough money for counseling......so I can't get help from anyone right now.......the only person who really understands what I'm going through and help me calm down.....is my ex....the one triggering my panic attacks....he's been dealing with panic attacks for a few years so he knows how to deal with him....but like I said, he's my trigger....


I meant to say how to deal with them*

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