Alotttttttt. I've had panic attacks since I was a youngin. Ever since I can remember, I would have panic fits. Especially when I was surrounded by people/strangers. I would get sweaty, and then I'd freak out more because I would think people seeing me sweat and they'd think I was weird or gross, my heart always beats right out of my chest, feel like I'm having a heart attack, then I would feel lightheaded and was going to pass out. It was really bad in school, I'd have an attack and have to rush to the bathroom stall to try and calm myself down. The docs put me on sooooo many anti depressants that were supposed to also help with anxiety but they never worked. And my family and friends would not really know I was having an attack because I learned to kind of hide it, unless I told them, and I would get so pissy and want to be left alone until it passed. I would like to learn different coping mechanisms' so I could control it better
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I am dealing with the same exact situation. Except a teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom so I ended up shaking. People do not understand.

I take aripipzole and I don't get then anymore but before I went into hospital I found that deep breathing, exercising, mediation, walking and someone talking to me that wouldn't just tell me to stop it helped and isolating yourself is the worse thing you can do, so try not to do that.