I Hate Panic Attacks

i have had panic attacks since i was 15  and the littlest things can trigger them  such as being in big crouds or in small cars or walking alone sometimes even just being on a phone can trigger them 

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Dont do xanax its not worth it its worse then zoloft

yea they had me on zoloft and zanax but i was sleeping and only wakeing up long enough for my step mother to giv me another one after that i went to a knew doctor and told him and he said they should have known beter that she could have killed me

i am on meds for it but if i take them all i do is sleep

thanks for the comment xxbloodyfretboardxx that really sucks that you have them im sorry to hear that

Aww, I'm sorry. Panic attacks are no fun! I usually get them at church or somewhere really random.

thanks for the comment CheerForMe i only have them in small places if other people are in there like in a 2 door car i will cause an accident or in a closet i cant have other people in there but when im upset i like to crawl into tight spaces where no one would think to look for me so i can be alone

thanks TheyCallMeTheLove<br />
Man*Hugs*for you to

thank you seekingom ive been trying that and im getting beter at tough situations before i would have had a panic attack well last night when i was in a closed in area with over 40 people i stayed calm so everyone thought but at least all that happened is i got hives

thanks for the advice i will try that