No Tampons

This week I had a panic attack that I have no Tampons, while on a period. While rare, they can escalate, quite badly. I was hysterical and had to drop everything and quickly run to Boots. Apparently missed a good joke, darn you tampons, darn you periods...
Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
10 Responses Nov 18, 2007

I was wearing black!!

I say that if there ever was a good reason for a panic attack this is it. I think everyone female can relate to this horror. Hope you weren't wearing white.

I'm going to try anyway, I miss my Tampon

lol .. its most certainly a bit late for a fair trade back hehehe ;P

I forgot to give it back!!!

*hoh!* so u deserved it u pen thief ! ..<br />
<br />
hehehe jus kidin .. *lol*<br />
<br />
.. yeah .. so far the amount of pens iv ended up .. occuring .. thank goodness im not female *lol* ;P most of my days would consist of marathoning off in to Boots revenge, you nicked my pen, I'll nick your tampon.

*lol* .. soz .. that sumun nicked ur last tampon hehehe .. imagining the event occuring .. sumun sneakily sneakin ur last tampon away frum ya hehehe :P

She was having a panic attack too, gave me the bug :)

Someone nicked my last one