Further To "cure For Panic Disorder"

I am now Panic free.  It has been one year.  I continually practice the Pure Awareness techniques that eliminated my panic and do not suffer anxiety or depression anymore either.  I am now ready to qualify to practice as a Trauma Resolution Coach.  Certification tests are in February.  I am nervous about practicing and asking money for my services, proving I have not yet succeeded in vaporizing my ego.  But I can continue to work on it.  I recomment Pure Awareness and Core Dynamic Coaching to anyone suffering PTSD or from a mood Disorder.  These techniques and skills are simple, efficient and WORK!
You can learn more at     www.greatlifetechnologies.com    or you can contact me.  Hopefully in February, I'll be fully certified to coach you.  I can teach you now, if you like.

to a life that is panic free......;........
What would you do with your time if you did not have to spend it "coping with your panic"?
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i suffer from panic atacks but have found they are easier to deal with after a self help course with joe barry sent by e-mail the guy is amazing and has given me part of my life back , good luck with your coaching i must be a wonderful feeling being able to help people thru this terrible illness