I Have Bi-polar Disorder, Anxi...

i have bi-polar disorder, anxiety problems, ocd, depression, and never know what my mood is going to be.
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There does seem to be a pill for everything now days, but.... My roommate has panic attacks, his blood pressure drops so low he becomes paralyzed and can't move and if I don't take immediate action, he passes out. He has to take xanax or something, there are some people with real problems but there are flukes that pretend and make it difficult for those that really need the help to get the help they need. The same theory applies to pain killers. Some people are seriously in pain from a serious injury and can't get the meds they need because so many pill heads are faking it just get something to get high on, therefore making it difficult for those seriously in pain. I do agree with you on the doctors and phamaceutcle companies being drug pushers though. It's just with more advance technology they are becoming more able to identify differenttypes of disceses, I think most of them have always been around, we just haven't never had a name for them.

Who told you you had bipolar disorder? Did you know that doctors make up a lot of both physical and mental disorders that do not even esist just to get your money? If they did not continue making up these disorders they and the drug companies would go broke and they would have to go out and get a real job working like most people. As long as some one believes they have a disorder that does not exist they will have the symptoms of that so-called-disorder, but it is on in your head as everyone has mood swings as it is perfectly normal. A lot of people who live off by themselves or live in a remote place will panic when coming amongst a lot of people, in big cities or crowded places while people who live in big cities panic being way out in the country away from others. It is called conditioned and even animals get this way.