for 20 years now, i have known i have bipolar and panic disorders, but why i have them is no surprise.

skyler2 skyler2
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2007

I used to have panic every day of my life...fear...I could eat it, smell it..and it drove me to make strange choices. The choices made sense to me but no one else. These fears harmed me, attacking in the middle of the night or broad daylight...until I met Jesus. Then he pulled me out and taught me that fear is a toothless old dog. I sleep without nightmares, I drive without panic, I can be alone without feeling lonely. Sometimes I forget to lock my doors ! Unheard of in my past life..where I would wake up and check doors and windows over and over. When the fear of death was taken from me...what the heck can do it? <br />
I hope the best for you skyler2 and sampo. Peace is wonderful...full of grace and hope. <br />
God bless you both<br />