Screaming Inside

I can feel it coming on.  My mind starting to lose focus, my guts starting to shake, my heart beating faster, my limbs ticking.  Sometimes it's over nothing, maybe just something I was thinking about.  Sometimes it's over something that I know will make me panic.  Large crowds, being someplace I didn't really want to be anyway, being with someone I don't really want to be with, like feeling trapped.  Or knowing I have to do something that already makes me uneasy.  Chaos. 

That's how I feel coming into an attack, and going through it.  Chaotic.  Everything I'm feeling is chaotic.  Like something inside me is screaming to get away, but can't. 

vampireheart vampireheart
31-35, T
5 Responses Jul 15, 2008

They think I need it. I had an episode as you know not so long time ago so I suppose they believe I am better on it. But it is reducing on amount.

do you want to be fixed or does the rest of society think you need to be? i hate taking meds, they **** with my sex drive and thats depressing for all of us.

I am on temazepam, diazepam and citaloprham. They hate each other but it works for me. Those first two have to take before go sleep cause just knock me down the other one makes me a calm so have to survive for next three months before the final solution. Apparently they have founded the reason and will fix me once for all. Well will see.

i'm hangin, she's hangin, we're all hangin in there. xanax is supposed to do the trick but if it needs to work right away, it gets chewed, then it knocks her out. doesn't do anything to me, but oh my, if i had to do her job the world would be in trouble, lol

Hang in there buddy. Bread slowly and deeply and count to six when inhaling and seven when exhaling. It helps me. We are all here friends and wishing you all the best and get well soon. Just hang in there it will go away. Are you on any medications like me or seeing someone (doc, etc.)