I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and slight angoraphobia..I live with this every day...since recently my mother was living with my son and I ..and now that she has moved..I am feeling more anxiety and depresion...and I feel so alone all the time.
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Thank you everyone. Since this post ......<br />
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I am now on meds ...Fluoxetine ...and it helps ...I am in therapy ...and I am doing really GOOD. Life is good.I don't feel as alone anymore.I didn't think there was hope .....then ...but there is !!!! The first thing you try may not work but don't give up !

Feeling alone can be a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Response.

thank you ...and I will look up that book...yes.I was in therapy...and am thinking of giving it another shot......I just get so frustrated when nothing they do seems to work for me ..<br />
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thank you all for commenting

Bless your heart, i have been on meds for depression,anxiety. I am also seeing a psycologist, and in a great support group for adult children of alcoholics. I would encourage you to seek some help. It is amazing how many people suffer like this a good book is the four agreements by peter coyote. please keep in touch.......

as a fellow sufferer of panic disorder, there's not a sympton in the world i don't understand about it. i do hope you have a phsychiatrist or other spedialist your talking to. i do, and they make sense out of everthing. i'm also taking meds (with great hesitation) however i too, was getting to the point of being almost agoraphobic!! please,pleas if you ever want to talk or just vent contact me ok....