So Glad I Found This Group..

I had my first attack after i had my first daughter. My husband and i lived in my parents back yard and we just made it through our first hurricane after my eldest was 6 weeks old. We ended up having to move into my moms house because our outside ac unit was ruined.  Right after the hurricane my mom and dad went upstate to spend a month with my sister. So here i was with a newborn a husband who worked ALL THE TIME and i was stuck alone living at my moms. The actual panic attack didnt happen until i found out my mom was on her way home (stange i know). Then I lost my dad in 2003 and I really wasnt able to grieve because i had to be strong for everyone else includeing my sister and her three kids who just moved back home. They have progressed since then and i have been on medication for awhile although i don't find that it works all that well. Sometimes i wonder if i am going crazy and if i will ever overcome this.

Luvmygirls81 Luvmygirls81
26-30, F
Feb 22, 2010