The Older Im Getting The Worse It Is

i swear it. i used to get so nervous in tutorrials at uni, i'd shake, and clench my teeth.

it got that way i couldn't stand being locked in rooms with people sitting around like a board stifling n enclosed

i can't stand being around people who are intimidating, or fear of being attacked scares me. drunks, bars, drugos, violent women, old and uglly people, bums, homeless people and some ethnic groups.

my panic has gotten bad in classes and at university in law classes talking about crime, rape, assault, child molesters cause i've been abused

i get nervous around tv, media or famous people, attractive men and sexual situations.

i can get very paniced when my cats are sick...i fear death of loved ones and i fear going crazy, loosing my teeth, surgery, etc

I get dizzy spells like my head is spinning, can't breathe and feel faint...I collapsed after being raped, so I think it was linked to the trauma

for a few years after i went to a support group I felt a little better- a little more trusting of people. but now its got bad again for some reason in the last 6 months I feel very closed in and hard to break out of the rut I am in. 

I don't want to loose my teeth and my face muscels are very painful at times and jaw, i think it is from my teeth. the headaches are bad- I fear having another collapse. stroke or whatever I had.

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

You've had a very rough life. It's good that you were in a support group. Many people struggle with anxiety, as do I. I can understand why you've been feeling the way you do. Wish you the best

thanks I even had panic attacks on trains ... buses, in shops or other places ... it gets hard covering in it all the time and is hell on the heart and adrenaline.