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Does any one else experience the feeling as if the arteries in your neck are going to burst? especially on the lower area of the neck, just above the collar bone? it f**king scares me to death, everytime I get that I think I'm going to die of internal bleeding...

stmingiux stmingiux
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

When I tense my muscles to numb out the feeling, I squeeze nerves and blood vessels. That usually makes me dizzy and/or nausetaed. I get muscle cramps. But I have low blood pressure. I store a lot of "I never want to feel that again" energy in my shoulders and upper back. Those muscles can get as hard as rocks.

That happens to me sometimes. Nothing bad has come from it so far.

That happens to me when there are feelings I don't want to feel.

I get the same thing! You can actually feel the pulse!