The Cruise. Chapter One

 " Look! There they are!!  "
Relishing the salty sea spray Paul leaned over the ship's rail and pulling Sue closer he excitedly pointed to the three huge rocks ahead , the famous gateway to the Island of Capri.

The rocks looked even more imposing than they did in the photographs.

Paul  had spent hours in the travel agents planning this trip.

He was treating his whole family to a once in a lifetime mediterranian cruise.

Now they were just about to dock on the Island of Capri.

As they got closer to the beautiful island , they could see row after row of pristine white- washed houses perched on craggy  cliff edges

It was the first time they had all been away together, Paul and his wife Sue, the boys , Andrew and Lewis (from his first marriage) his parents and Sue's mother Peggy.

Just ahead of the boat a pod of silver backed dolphins leapt through the sparkling blue sea.

Andrew and Lewis, shouted with excitement and jostled  with each other to take the best photographs.

They had so much they wanted to do and see.. most especially a trip to The Blue Grotto which they seen so many times on youtube.

Paul's parents and Peggy  were making their way along the deck

Everyone was excited and happy . No one except Paul knew that this would be their last holiday for a  very long time .

Paul had just been made redundant from the job he had held for the last 16 years and the cruise was being funded by his modest redundancy payout . 


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Oh there is plenty more ..

I went to Gracie's home but she was no longer there :(<br />
<br />
Hmmm .. there may be a punch line <br />
<br />
It is only Chapter one

thank you des :)

; )

And so you should lady , life is to short good for you and Paul .......

* tasmin does a wild dance of the apricot flamingo" fair....<br />
<br />
I want to know about the pants on fire!!! How does one's pants catch fire on a cruise??? hehehe so Pleeeeeze tell us! :)

Now see here, Miss Tasmin....I can think of a bunch of questions. You don't need to supply the questions.<br />
It's answers I want from you!<br />
<br />
But, I've been begging you for years to tell me the story of the African photo to no avail so I should have known this is what you'd do!!<br />
<br />
Well, it's a lovely story as far as it goes.

Well that's it . that is my story.<br />
The whole point is that you never know for sure what happens ..<br />
Does Paul get an even better job ?<br />
Do we get repossesed and does my mother stop talking to us again?<br />
Does the boat go down like Titanic and we never step foot on Capri?<br />
You get to imagine whatever you want <br />
Cute eh?

I certainly hope you are going to tell us more of this story now that you have us very interested.