The Cruise. Chapter Two

Sunlight illuminated the Blue Grotto flooding the sea cave with dazzling blue light. Peggy watched as her daughter snuggled up to Paul in the small row boat ahead of the one she occupied with her step-grandsons. Sue and Paul seemed  rapturously in love with each other. Paul's first marriage had been a messy disaster and Peggy had had many reservations about her daughter's involvement with him, yet he seemed to make Sue very happy. Peggy knew that Sue felt her mother objected because Paul had still been married when they met each other. But this was not really her objection -- Peggy well  understood how those things can happen. She was far less judgmental than her daughter, or anyone else for that matter, might imagine.

Paul's oldest son Andrew, a handsome boy soon to be leaving for his first year of college, turned to her to marvel over the beauty of the cave. She smiled at him and agreed that it was the most beautiful light show she had ever seen.

But that wasn't exactly true. She slipped her hand into the brilliant blue sea water and watched as it glowed eerily in the blue light. Although she pretended that this was her first trip to Capri, she remembered the day almost fifty years ago when she had first been in this cave, her hand in the water that day had been entwined with his and it had been magical.

Peggy sighed softly. This trip to Capri had brought back all the bittersweet memories of her time with him. So long ago, yet still a day didn't go by that she didn't think of what might have been.

That evening the extended family was seated under the stars at a small clifftop bistro overlooking Gracie Fields' beautiful villa. They were merrily laughing and talking, enjoying the meal and the magnificent view. All except Peggy, that is. Everywhere they went Peggy was confronted by memories. She searched  faces in the crowds for a man she was sure she would still recognize even though he would look so much older than the last time she saw him on Capri 47 years ago. They  passed the house where he had lived back then while on their way to the market  and she was terrified that he might emerge from the doorway and hoped at the same time that he would. Her stomach was in a knot and she didn't feel the least bit hungry.  She would be glad for tomorrow morning and their departure time.

It was at this very cafe that she and Angelo had promised each other they would always be together, that somehow they would find a way. How different Peggy's life would have been if that promise had been kept, she thought.  How different Sue's life would have been if she had known her father--the handsome carpenter's son with his workman's hands and poet's heart.

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Thank you my friend datura,.I appreciate your words..kind of you........:)

Thanks gr8! My friend Tasmin and I were writing a story together in chapters, but she has left our hapless family stranded in Athens for six months now. Poor family....<br />
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I don't write better than you, Mother. Just a different style and a lot more years practice ;-)

gorgeous work from your pen, indeed. this is a captivating read. so happy i clicked on this lovely write. most deserving of spotlight..........:)

Not lost .. they are just mooching around

Yes, Tassie.....they seem to have gotten themselves lost in Athens......hmmmmmmm.....

i think we shall have to continue our cruise soon ...

Thank you, Alluneedis. Your comment made me look at this story with new eyes and I discovered that I know just what you mean!

Thanks, salar1! It was actually mostly Tassie's idea. She is very creative and philosophical and artistic and all those wonderful things. Oh, and cheerful, too...

An insight into the life of others nice pics to thanks for sharing D....

*smiles sweetly*

I agree! And wonderful pics :)

Thank you resident!

Yes, Coyote. People might be quite surprised ;-)<br />
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Thanks, Des! Part of the reason I like doing stories with Tasmin is that she picks interesting settings and I always learn something! I had not known about this sea cave until now.

Oh ok but it has to be all true

Oh my!!!! That just might be him!<br />
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I'll tell you more of my tale in just a little while!

There he is .. at the helm of your boat! <br />
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Hahaha !!!!