The Cruise. Chapter Three


As soon as land was in sight the boys started snapping photo after photo.

Despite his strong telescopic lens Lewis could only see only modern industrial buildings and hotels ... where was the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon??

The ship docked at  Piraeus and rather reluctantly the family took a large black taxi to Athens . They had planned to take a train but the taxi driver was insistent they travelled with him.

The boys sat in the back whispering about Greek mafia and wondering if their mother would pay the ransom ..

Rather disapointingly for Andrew and lewis, but a relief for the rest of the family, they were dropped off in Athens unscathed

Although still early morning in Athens the streets were already busy

Led by Lewis , who never stopped thinking about food, (but then at 16 years he was still growing)   the family took tables outside a Taverna to plan their day over a drink and snack.

Despite a wide range of breads and pastries Lewis pointed to meat sandwiches and loudly proclaimed that he would not eat anything with meat.  Supporting his vegan mother,  Lewis had been vegetarian for over a year and  liked to make sure everyone knew about it.

Some forty minutes later they were all aboard a bus heading for the Acropolis.

As they joined the throng climbing the steps to the  entrance of the Acopolis, Lewis suddenly felt very lonely and longed for his mum to be  there.

His dad and Sue had forged  ahead with their arms linked , Andrew walked beside him but was immersed in sending photos to his girlfriend.
His grandparents followed some way behind, finding the steps much steeper than they had imagined!

As they walked up the hill to the Parthenon  they stopped to gaze in awe at the stunning theatre of Dionysos.

The guide explained that it is the oldest  major open air theatre in Greece, though there is argument about when it was built.

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ok, well they will be moving soon .. there was a strike amongst the dock workers (riots in Tunisia)

Well, they've been there for five months! I think that's quite enough mooching around in Athens!

Hmmm .. no, the trip has only just started but I got held up

Looks like I missed the boat.

Mothers groups are so cool!<br />
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Thank you datura, I am inspired by you :)

This is amazing writing and photos! You come up with the best ideas, Tassie.

Haha .. the show will go on .. later!

The chapter will be coming soon :)<br />
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Well get on with it, then! I've been sitting at this taxi stand forever!

A tour will start soon .. :)

Athens is really something else..