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My husband and his side of the family all have paramyotonia. I have two young boys who have it too. I find it upsetting at times, but try to realise they could have  much worse conditions! Also, not having it myself, is sometimes difficult for me to understand what they are going through.

The really cold weather hasn't helped much either, especially with two active boys! I've noticed it much more this winter.

My husband and I are seriously considering emmigrating to warmer climates. Has anyone else done this? Has it helped living without the cold? I'd love to hear from others with young children and share experiences of this condition.


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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

My name is Scot and i grew up with PMC and the paryodic paralysis that occationally comes with it. (it came from my mothers side). I'm not married yet or have kids of my own, but PMC is affected by both extreams of temperature (hot or cold), imbalance of electrolytes (high or low end and most of the time its this one), lack of sleep, weather changes, high humindity and occationally depression. <br />
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Moving may not be the answer they will still have the problem have them take vitamins and diatary supplaments, and have them dress warmly. But if its chilly 24/7 then i would move.

Moving to a warmer climate may help you. However, it poses its own set of problems. I live in St. Louis, Missouri where it could be sunny and warm on one day and cold with snow flurries the next. The summers here are hot and quite humid. My paramyotonia acts up more in the summer than it does in the winter. In the winter, I alway bundle up or just stay inside (where I have the heater on very high). In the summer, you don't wear as many la<x>yers because it is so hot outside. When you go inside though evryone has their air conditioning on. Swimming may even lead to it acting up. Because water is on the skin, when a cool breeze comes along, it starts to dry the water. It could casue the paramyotonia to act up then.<br />
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I am not trying to lecture or anything like that. I am just trying to tell you certain things that have caused episodes for me and my father (it runs on his side of the family). If where you live is cold most of the year, then I would definately consider moving to warmer climates. The choice is up to you and your husband. I just hope I gave you some more things to consider when making the decision.