Online Paranioas

 in the days of yore before the net i was fine. when faced woth a multituade of faceless nothings that scared the hell out of me, i took on the role of defenseperson. fight or flight. and nothing is more frightening then a perceived unknown threat. Whem i turn off the computer, i dont have it anymore. Also ive met alot ofme.  ppl who qui9te frankly in reality intimidated me nothing  being a lupus patient since 1983, death was after me, a witch (karla), a guy who thought he was satan, my abusive relationship w trixie.Meeting a loving supporting person was the beginning of the change, but i still put myself in a postiton af a rambeling lunatic. When ive faced my fears and im still ok i have only to move up to a higher level. Am i paranoid? not in the realworld, just internet induced. Knowing this takes it away. I wish you all health in your experiences.
CelestralCreature CelestralCreature 41-45, F Jun 14, 2012

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