Being Picked On By A Ghost.

it happened when i was in 4th grade. I had been in a deep sleep when all of a suppen i felt a sharp pain, as if someone had dropped their elbow on my head. HARD.  rubbing my head, i said 'jeez mom what was THAT for?'  not hearing an answer i looked up, no one was there. i didn't think anything of it and supposed i had hit my head on the wall. i layed back down to sleep, and not five minutes later did i feel a pressure on my ankle. i tugged my leg back but whatever it was held on tight. it yanked on my leg and we had a little tug-of-war with my leg. finally it pulled my leg so hard it pulled me under the covers. with all the force that i could put into it, i pulled my leg back  and out of it's grasp. i threw the covers back, but nothing was there. feeling pain i looked at my leg and there on my ankle was a red angry handprint. i stayed up the rest of the night and didn't dare close my eyes.

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I have had some experiences but not none that were harmful or caused any pain.

I meant *that was scary*

Eek! That a scary!!! O.O I wouldn't be able to EVER sleep again! Could it have been someone who has passed away, someone in your family or people who have lived in your house before you moved in there? ..... wow..............