All My Life...

Well let me just start out by saying it's nice to be able to share these experiences with someone... anyone. Ever since I could remember I've had paranormal experiences. Sometimes every other day.... sometimes I won't for months. My mother is sensitive, her mother was sensitive. Our whole family history is riddled with sensitives. I used to chalk it up to being young and scared. "What was that sound?", "Did you just call my name?", "Did you see that?". I just recently moved out of an apartment in San Diego. When we first moved in it felt like it didn't get enough light into the place. Which was fine but still no matter what I did to brighten the place it never seemed too. I used to have these terrible nightmares while living there. I'd wake up not knowing if I was dreaming or awake. I'd feel the need to stay in the bedroom and not venture out into the hall to go to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. I felt as though someone or something was telling me to stay where I was. I wasn't wanted. I felt it in my chest. One night I woke up and was wide awake. Like in a snap. I looked around and was a bit startled. I sat there for a minute wondering if I should just go back to sleep or go to the bathroom. Finally I said, "**** it". I got up, not looking down the hall as I felt I shouldn't... just rushed into the bathroom. I flicked on the light and did my business. I stood up and flushed when I turned around the door was wide open and there it was. I screamed a scream I didn't know could come out of my body. Its face was awful. Drawn back and sucked in. Mouth gaping. And just like that my husband was there shaking me out of my terror. I still to this day cannot even think about this face. It was so disturbing and dark. That was the peak of the experiences before I said, "WE ARE MOVING!".
 My sister and I were sitting on the couches in the living room and watching some t.v.. I began to tell her about what was happening in the house lately. Strange noises, passing shadows, lights flickering in the kitchen and hall. Just as I began to tell her of the presence I felt in the hall and baby's room the front window of the living room slid closed. Now this window was not easy to open or close. In fact it had to be done by my husband. It startled us quiet which I'm sure it wanted. Like, "here I am... I know you are talking about me"...
 My friend came back from Iraq and needed a place to stay until he could get his own apartment. One morning I came out to go to the kitchen and he sat up and said, "What's wrong with you? All night long, back and forth. Do you sleep walk? I mean, one minute you are going to the kitchen the next in the bathroom and you must of checked on your baby 5 times!"
 I just stood there stunned. "No... um... I uh..." He eventually left saying, "somethings in here and if I were you i'd get out." It wasn't the first time someone left my house frightened or stunned. I finally moved out after the event in the middle of the night. I felt something evil was there. The woman my friend saw in the middle of the night resembled myself. Long black hair and a long night gown. I never saw her. I think there were multiples in there. The first night I spent in my new home away from that apartment I had a dream. It was like I had a birds eye view of the living room. I saw multiple shadows moving back and forth from bedroom to bedroom... phantoms. I think It stuck with me. A piece of me was opened up because of that place. I got a glimpse into something most will never see. I embrace it now. I welcome them. But you couldn't pay me to stay the night in that apartment in San Diego.
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Interesting story. You are sensitive to these things.