Afternoon Haunt

I went out to lunch my mom to this little restaurant on Adams ave. We were leaving the place and walking to the parking lot and I got this feeling. That feeling of, "look... look". I glanced up and saw a little boy across the street standing between two cars. At first I thought nothing of it. Cars were passing by quickly and began to resume talking to my mom and then I looked up again and saw him again. I asked my mom if she saw him. I walked around the car to point him out. He was maybe 6 or 7. Light brown hair, striped shirt and white rimmed shorts. She said, "no mija... I don't see him." I instantly was welling up and felt so sad. A car passed and he was gone. I realized I couldn't see past his shorts.
 As we pulled away I couldn't shake the feeling. He was just standing there all alone with his arms by his side between the cars. No expression on his face. No movement... just standing there looking at me. My mom explained to me that sometimes they just want to be seen. I understood that but it stuck with me, that sorrow that overcame me. I know being pregnant is making me extra sensitive but now it's like a flood gate is open. I hear things all the time now. I really have been wrapped up in moving in and just family **** that I don't make the time to acknowledge it. It's like I'm avoiding going out too... I've been bumping into things and hearing things and it's draining. Should I just face it? Face them? I don't know.
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If you are starting to see spirits in your 9 to 5 daily existance, then your third eye is starting to open if not already there. Have any headaches latly, or temperature changes/odd tingling along your spine? Feelings "welling up" from a place that Feels like (if you could pinpoint an emotion or feeling) its eminating from your navel or above?<br />
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You have a choice: you can either willfully deny what you see and go back to "sleep", or willfully choose to accept the hand you have been delt and open yourself to the world as it Truly is. Whichever you choose, I wish you and your child the best in the days and years ahead.

Since moving house, I've no experiences like before!! This is a much newer house. T he other house had a lot of history.

Hi there<br />
To find out what to do about this and why it is happening go to a web site and they van stop this from happening.

Don't be afraid. It's nothing to be afraid of. This is a good thing. A very good thing. Your consciousness and awareness are growing. Everybody has the potential to this awareness. Many do not recognize or acknowledge it. But everyone has this and more. Some people work for years, even their whole lifetime, to see what you have seen.

I think maybe a lot more people see this kind of thing, they just don't share the experience. <br />
I regularly used to see a little girl sitting on the stairs, peering through the banisters. It never scared me, but I only used to see her when I was alone.,,,,,,, especially weekends my daughters were at my ex's for the weekend.<br />
I never mentioned it to anyone, until my mum asked me if I ever saw anything unusual in my house. She had also seen exactly the same thing. I like to think, they are just reminding us about people who are no longer with us, but don't want to be forgotten.<br />
Don't be afraid, feel lucky you've been chosen.<br />
Good luck with baby.