I Died When I Was In 2nd Grade

One night, sometime in second grade, I died. I went to sleep, then woke up at 2:19 feeling strange, I looked over to my left, and I saw a being standing there, I wasn't scared, instead I was comforted, it was the angel who was going to take me to Heaven. About a minute later my mom came running in, and at the point, I was standing beside my bed, looking at my body. My mom, who is a nurse, began to do CPR on me, the angel and I were still standing there. At 2:22, I looked over at the clock, and the angel said "she has two minutes" and right after that, I was sucked back into my body. Ever since then I have been able to sense and see ghosts, and sense angels and demons.
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Is this true?

i can't even reply to that...........................

naughtybits, why are you not allowed? having a rule not to believe and actually not believe are 2 completely different things

how did your mom know when to run into your room and give you a cpr? It was in the middle of the night after all, she must have been sleeping...

wow. thats a really interesting story. and i do believe you!<br />
even i am the one who have seen ghosts many time in my life. but seeing yourself dead is a really horrible experience...wowww!!

What do you do with your gift to help others?

Near death experiances are often not as frightening as one would expect. The true near death experiance can feel like one is going home, or being embraced by the energies of the universe. Connection with Everything.<br />
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Just to state the fact, Gnosis is a term used in meditation. It is a trace state so deep that one achieves a sort of inner "oneness" with oneself and their place in creation. A near death experiance is sort of an unguided Gnosis, a unexpected awakening of sorts. <br />
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Prehaps you might find it strange, but there are many who could and would envy the OP. There are a lot of understandings that can be gleaned much easier with second sight.

That's not your ordinary night. You weren't frightened at all when you saw your dead body?

I am fascinated by your story and read alot on this topic. I have seen my grandmother who has passed and it was such a comfort to me.

That's a very peculiar story, how did you feel when you became aware that you could see ghosts and sense angels and demons?

Wow, that sounds kind of scary! <br />
I'm glad you got to come back and stay with the people who love you.