What Color Are You?

I can see auras, predict your personal future, and contact the dead. The most recent paranormal experience i have had, was seeing my grandfather alive an well, sitting in his old red rocking chair. Cheeks rosey, saggy, wrinkley skin, and same old world charm. The only problem is, he has been dead for nearly four years now.I hadnt been very close to him, and he had never said much for as long as i knew him, but he had become very sick toward the end of his life. Which caused my mother to refuse letting me say good bye,that and i wanted to have no memory of him a a pale, balding, bed ridden man. His aura became black two months before he dided, and was nearly void of one when i saw him after death.
FlyingOnBrokenWings FlyingOnBrokenWings
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wow what a great gift, I wish I had it too