Black Means You Die,love.

Last night i felt a sudden temperature drop over the room, accompanied with a loud rustling toward the front of my bed. i was alone, for it was three a.m. and my family had long since fell asleep. I was on the phone with my significant other at the time. The rustling became louder and more pronounced , prompting me to look over my bed, and find a plastic bag crinkling in on itself, with a large black shadow of some sort. maybe a black aura, or a demonic presence. furthermore i could clearly sense that this presence was not my biggest fan. I watched the presence crinkle the bag until, as it seemed, the presence stopped to observe me, observing him. as if he hadnt been aware of me until that very moment. upon seeing me he waited around four minutes before rushing at me, blowing my hair back from my face. then suddenly vanishing...anybody know what it was?
FlyingOnBrokenWings FlyingOnBrokenWings
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

It would be very difficult to say for sure without firsthand experiance, for most. Do you practice any form of protective works, considering your sensitivity to the spirit world?