Freaken Annoying

ok this is a long and convoluted story u are about to read ...unless ur about to stop reading in which case the rest of this is pointless.....well not that long but very convoluted.....aaaannnyyywwwhhhoooo. well I have had a lot of strange experiences all my life but this is making them nothing in comparison. For a while now i have felt i am being watched. I will here what seems to something rustling just outside my field of view at night and ussualy i just think its a squirrel. But now real **** has happened. Whenever i start to stare up at the sky at night i'll start to hear something rustling nearby or something will distract me. A few weeks ago i was outside trying to work up the nerve to call the girl i am completely in love with and after i managed to do it (even though it ends up no one was there) the very second after i called and hung up as no one answered i heard a really loud rustling in the bushes where i couldn't see and i mean the VERY second and a really LOUD rustling whatever was making it sounded BIG. I went back inside to grab a katana ( i have a lot of them......and know how to use them muhahaha) and a flashlight but by the time i could find a actual working flashlight i couldn't find whatever had made the noise.

I then about a two weeks ago went out to confront whatever i felt was watching me. I noticed that i heard all sorts of weird sounds coming from the darkness where i couldn't see. But i noticed nothing actually came after me. Then just today i was out to try to see the meteor shower that was supposed to happen tonight. I started staring up at the sky and felt ....well its hard to describe how i felt you could say i felt....light. I started to here sounds coming from nearby however this time i ignored everything i heard and continued to stare up feeling more and more... light. Thats when i heard growling ...and i mean growling it sounded barely 20 feet away. it souned PISSED. I growled back at it (dont ask believe me u do not wanna know) and around the neighbors house i heard what kinda sounded like a bunch of bird going insane like someone had started shooting at them. I went back inside to grab a weapon and a flashlight.............and spent 10p minutes looking for an actual flashlight that worked,,,to no avail of course. Eventually i went outside and tried to findout what made the sound. I heard some strange sounds down in the bushes but i didnt see anything.

NOW I AM ANNOYED. I am so sick of this thing not confronting me no matter how many times i try to take it on. Anyone else have anything else happen to them like this? Oh and i know what your gonna say its just ur imagination or your insane .....the latter may be true (muhahahah) but i know this thing is not in my mind.
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Sounds like its an animal that doesn't truly wish to confront you, but doesn't enjoy the fact that you're around either. Have you checked the area during the day for tracks or spoor? Prehaps place some meat outside as bait, and conceal yourself to see if it can be photographed?<br />
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Beyond that, when one is beginning to astral project the physical body does become lighter. You might feel the temperature change, sensations of vibration or spinning in the entire body or in the main chakra points (top of head, throat, third eye, sternum, navel above and below, even hands).<br />
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The stars have a natural pull for us, a sort of easier call to the astral. If you relax and allow the experiance to continue, its possible strange noises or shapes will appear. This is because the subconcious has alot of fears about our conciousness leaving the body and attempts to waylay us at the threshold. As long as you realise that you cannot be kept from your body, you cannot die astrally and you cannot die from projecting you will be fine.

Ooh...that's creepy. I wonder what it is..kind of reminds me of an experience I had. I have ruminated that what I heard could have been big foot or something because the biped was definitely UNhuman. I hope that whatever it is that you don't get hurt.

eeehhh its kinda hard to explain. pls i dislike guns and if i just shoot into the darkness ..ya lets just say my neighbors live close and i have tried confronting it with one of my blade but it would be foolish of me to do it with no light to see....and everytime i hear it i cant find a freaken flashlight sounds stupid but its true and this definitely isnt any person people dont makethe sounds this thing does

lol then why dont you go attack it or something? at least whip out a gun and shoot. worst thing to happen is its a stalker and you killed him. hopefully only cripple him.

naw i kinda suspect that its more a physical being due to the fact it killed a bird on the property it seems and ...well it kinda has a rather nasty habit of growling at me from the freaken shadows...i havent heard from it in a while but i'm stil lon gaurd....just in case i guess

dont wanna freak you out or anythin. your probably not a believer but have you ever thought it could be a demon? iv heard plenty of sories simmilar. expiriences that were actually real. believe it or no.

....ya....third eye aint got anything to do with me.....and i challenge it all the time but all i see is shadows in the darkness and weird sounds

Have you ever thought it could be your 3rd eye being open? Have you tried telling whatever it is to come and and show itself?