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When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Date: February 25, 2011, Friday. Time: 2000 Hours.

HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: Becky Cardenas, Raquel Rodriguez, Brittani Lantz/Empath, Kevin Lee, Stefanie Paige-Belson/CMT/Psychic/Metaphysical Cleanser, Karon McDonald, Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager/Demonologist/Catholic Cleanser.
Occupants: Les and Joyce Kreis.

Location of Haunting: Stockton, California.

HPI Entity Adjustment Bureau

Before I tell you about the investigation, I will tell you about a phone call I received from Texas while driving back from the investigation. A man and woman on their speaker phone told me that they allow their best friend to crash out at their home on several occasions. They have been noticing that every time he falls asleep on the couch, he starts talking in his sleep. He starts talking about killing people and killing himself. The question they ask me is if he is demon possessed? The man who I was talking to says all they want is their old friend back, so they can once again have Good Times. I explain to the man, that a basic form of exorcism is getting re-baptized. Whatever negative energy is attached to the body and soul will be released when submerged in water during a baptism. After their friend is re-baptized and if it continues, then their friend needs psychological assistance. They agree to convince their friend to get re-baptized and will observe his sleeping behavior afterwards, if it continues they will seek professional help from a psychiatrist.

Right after I get off the phone with the Texas couple, the song Good Times by Chic comes on. Here is that song:

Good luck to the Texas couple, I hope you will find those Good Times once again with your friend. Now to the investigation.

We had 2 investigative sessions with 2 evidence briefings and a conclusion debriefing.

The initial complaint from the occupant was:
Activity: For 5 years, the activity has happened. Cans fall down off shelves. Shadow people seen. 2 demonic entities seen by patio, they look terrifying. Occupant has medical issues, she feels was brought on by the demons. Male occupant seen shadow person with brim hat on. He has seen shadow entities by doorway and was once held down against the bed.

There are 3 possibilities the occupants feel might be the reason the entities may be haunting their apartment. Here are those reasons:

1. They lived in a home in Manteca that was built over an Indian burial ground and somehow the entities followed them to this apartment.

2. They have purchased certain items from antique shops or used goods stores and brought these items into the home.

3. The female occupant went to see a doctor and feels the doctor somehow cursed her and brought the entities to her home. The entities she feels have caused her and her husband medical ailments.

I will sum up everything that happened during the 2 investigative sessions. We picked up 3 possible EVPs. One that sounds like clicking sounds. Another one that says 'Nooooooo'. An EVP that sounds like a cat yowling and there were no cats in the home or outside. The final one where it sounds like a man saying 'get out', listening to the EVP now on audacity, it is 'get out' while during the investigation, the investigators thought it was saying something else.

When Brittani felt a cold spot on her body, the EMF Reader went off around her body. A flashlight laying on the floor started going off and on by itself.

Strange shadow pictures were taken. When trying to recreate the shadow pictures, the recreated pictures showed no shadows and they were deemed as normal. One shadow picture is a solid shadow block against the wall.

Unexplained Shadow Anomaly

Becky says she feels queasy and uneasy, I snap a picture of her and a shadow is hovering over her head, the 2nd picture the shadow is gone.

I take a picture of Raquel and there is a distinct shadow, almost in the shape of a head right behind her head, I take the 2nd photo and there is no more shadow behind her head.

Karon takes a picture of the mirror and gets a strange cloaked figure inside the mirror. A second photo is taken to try and recreate the cloaked figure and the cloaked figure is gone.

Brittani and Karon on two separate occasions and not communicating with each other are drawn to an old wicker chest.

Then here is the kicker. During our conclusion debriefing, we ALL witness the sounds of someone pressing against the front door. It was a repeated sound. I have to say this again, it actually sounded like someone was pushing on the door, then there was a sound of the door opening with a lingering creaking sound, but the door did not move. Then we all heard the sound of the door stop vibrating, but looking at the door stop it was not vibrating. I ran to the front door to see what was making the sound and there was no one around the front door, but yet we all heard it.

Paul Dale Roberts - Demonologist

I really feel something is definitely in this apartment. Our best evidence were the EVPs, the strange sounds at the front door and the unexplained shadow pictures we took. Karon has the photo of the cloaked figure in the mirror and I am anxious to analyze it on my computer to see what I can make out of this unusual photo.

After the investigation, Stefanie conducted a metaphysical cleansing and I conducted a Catholic blessing of the home.

I thank the occupants for providing my investigators with Starbucks iced coffee, regular coffee and brownies. This was a very interesting investigation with some very interesting evidence.

Godspeed to the occupants. I hope all goes well for them and that they can live normal happy lives.

To see pictures of this investigation, stop by here:

Parcia Lee, New HPI Paranormal Investigator!

Feb 26 Saturday 8pm: Contact: Susan Sheehan Location: Placerville, CA. Activity: Occupants hear woman's whisper, a man's laughter. They also hear slurping sounds and growling noises. They have seen a wolf entity and a man's voice saying 'get out!'. A friend was slapped in the face. 7 or more entities have been seen at one time in the apartment. Activity has been going on for 5 1/2 years. One entity is described as looking like Marilyn Monroe in a black sequence dress, another is a 50s looking guy. Cleansers needed!

When Pat was 19 years old, she went shopping and walked into a house and saw what she can only describe as a Shadow Person. When she was 25 years old, she accidently brushed up against a man. Pat and this strange man shoulder's connected and then she got the chills. She felt this man was going to die soon. This all happened in Hagertown, Maryland. Note: Pat is a world traveler and has been to: Panama, Germany, Turkey and Jamaica. She was born in Bermuda.

Thank you to: Sally Howard, Gina De La Rosa, Lui Saelee, Donna Pepper-Falero, Rachel Lee, Malena Harvey, Genalyn Santos, Nicole Stowe for preparing and attending my Post-Birthday - Bon Voyage Party for Jamaica. I really enjoyed my party before heading out to Jamaica. That was very thoughtful.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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