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I rented an apt 3yrs ago, while living there I had a few weird happenings I've never forgotten & never will..didn't tell anyone because I thought they would all think of me as being crazy & lock me up.  I've decided today to tell what happened within that apt. This is what happened, I've often went to the washroom my usual nightly visits I'm sure all of you understand lol..anyway I never close the door while using & why should I no one else in the apt but me. while sitting there on my so called throne lol..I noticed the door slowly moving like it wanted to close on it's own then opened again, I tell you it did not take me long to get up to look around the apt to see who might have been there. panic set in did not expect that to happen.. that same night sleep had been a problem for me I'd be tossing & turning with the covers over my head. not for long why? a buzzing sound around my head yes, buzzing like a swarm of bees I did not move petrified & tranced could not get up. the feeling of someone sitting on the bed then slowly pulling the covers down. got up fast turned on the light never did go back to sleep after that. the next day wrote down everything that happened but never showed anyone like I said they would think i'm out of my mind & lock me up..that next day I sat thinking about what happened when a white mist hovered over the television set 3 ft from the floor I'm thinking to myself what is going on ..who are you? why are you harassing me? panic set in again, went to the neighbors they told me no one died in the apt. asked me if I was ok see people think your nuts..that night 2 black mists one going in back of my kitchen stove the other one going towards the main door. 2 weeks later a fire started in the basement where the laundry room was located..  no one was injured had to live elsewhere until repairs were done. guess what! never did go back... I'll never forget.
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I see the author of this post has not been on EP for over a year now, but I am writing this for the sake of others that want to learn, if it could serve as a message to those wondering about these things:<br />
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People do not have to die in a place in order for a place to be haunted, there are certain people that either serve as portals or who open portals to the spirit world while they live in certain places... It brings the spirits in, or draw them to the places these people with the ability live.

I am concerned about your health Sparkles. You have explained in your stories that your Paranormal incidences have occurred in at least two separate apartments.......Have you ever been to your Doctor and explained about the buzzing sounds and mists that you see? It is also interesting that this sensory experience happened to you at night, whilst alone. You also say that your sleep was restless. I think there are many clues here and believe it's quite possible you may be suffering some kind of sleep paralysis disorder. I am not a doctor, don't get me wrong!, but I really would suggest you get checked out by a medical professional. Good luck x

no you re not crazy i have heard of something simullar a while ago,and funny enough it was a friend of mine and a familly member too,regar from kiwidude