My First Out Of Body Experience

I was nine years old when I had my first out of body experience.  It was a beautiful summer night in the city. The warm breeze filtered through our 3rd story apartment. My siblings and I were sprawled out on the living room floor laying on blankets and big fluffy pillows.  It was our summer vacation... We were happy kids, eating popcorn and watching late night movies on T.V. Within a few hours our mom called out from her bedroom down the hall, "kids... T.V. off, lights out it's time for bed!"  We were up well past our usual bedtime so it wasn't long before we all drifted off to sleep. I'm not sure what time it was when I woke but now for some strange reason I was wide awake.  I looked around the room, noticed my siblings were all sound asleep. It was no where near the morning hours.  I tried to force myself back to sleep but I couldn't.  Blankly I stared at the curtains swaying abruptly in the wind, they created an eerie sound which frighten me... I got out of my warm blanket and went to shut the windows.  In an instant the errie sounds were gone.  Maybe now I can get myself back to sleep, I thought... but my eyes would't shut. I just laid there wide awake sandwiched between both my sisters. I was staring at the ceiling when I heard this strange sound... It was like a piercing tone that traveled right through my head.  "What was that?" I shrugged.  The sound increased louder and louder... now It felt like a whirlwind spinning around in my head. I could not control it.  Before I could get up to wake my sister I froze in a paralyzed state. I was frightened. I screamed but I could not move my lips.  I tried with all my might but could not move an inch. I started to pray... I was frighten beyond belief. I had no idea what was happening to me. As if things were not scary enough suddenly I felt like I was falling. The sensation was so intense it made my stomach ache.  I was falling super fast in a dark abyss. I could not see anything.  I prayed, it was the only thing that brought me any comfort.  I didn't want to think where I was or where I was going. I was just a kid so I had no idea what I was going through. I was brought up a Catholic.  I had my communion I attended church regularly and even went to Catholic school so you can imagine what I was thinking when I was falling in a dark abyss with nothing and no one in sight.  "I'm going to hell!!" is all I thought, but I was not a bad kid. I never hurt anyone. I never even swore or did anything remotely evil so why was God sending me to hell? Suddenly I was on a huge hill top standing next to a weeping willow it was the only tree on the entire hill. I looked around... "Okay I'm not in hell, that's good" I thought.  It was a beautiful sight... the willow tree was massive and the grass on the hill was rich and green.  I stood there looking out in every direction then I noticed at the very bottom of the hill a group of children were playing in a park.  I wondered if I could go play with them but it looked to far away and I didn't know where I was so I decided to just stay put.  I stood on the top of the hill watching the children play still very frighten and wanting to be back home... I could hear every sound they made.  Their voices, laughter, jumps and falls as if I were standing right in front of them.  At first I didn't think anything of it but then the sounds increased and I don't know how it was possible but I could hear all of them at the same time... louder and louder!  All within my mind. I could not bare it.  I yelled out "Stop!" the sounds were intensified to the max. "Please STOP!"  I put my hands over my ears but the sounds were within my mind so it did not help one bit.  "This is crazy" I thought... how is this happening?  I prayed  and yelled out for God to please take me back home!  There's A bright glowing ball about the size of a softball that just appeared right in front of me... Strangely i'm drawn to it.  I floated towards it then with out warning it moved really fast at the speed of a roller-coaster faster and faster and I right behind following in its path.  Immediately i'm back in the dark abyss.  I'm not exactly sure what it is, I just call it "the dark abyss."  "Where am I off to now?" I wondered.  I feared I would never go back home?  I feel like i'm sliding in through something...  it feels really strange.  I no longer see the glowing ball.  I'm struggling  trying to fit through this strange... I can't explain it.  I just came back into my body.  I see the tops of the windows... I'm back home!  I'm staring directly at the ceiling in our living room.  I'm home but I'm in the paralyze state... slowly I'm able to move one finger then another then my whole hand.  Then I came out of it completely. "What a relief" I thought. I immediately woke up my older sister.  I told her everything that happened.  She could tell by the frighten stare in my face that I was not lying.  It was close to 4am in the morning.  My sister stayed up the rest of the night with me till I fell asleep.

Since then I have had many out of body experiences sometimes even three in a row.  I have learned to except them and become less frighten by them.  I would love to share my experiences and meet others who have had similar experience as well.  This is no longer bizarre to me it's become a part of who I am and I'm comfortable knowing that. 
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My story is a bit different, when i was about 12 years old, sometimes, in the middle of the day, when i was fully awake, i could hear lods of clowns laughing arround me, the sound would increase, and i would start screaming to them to shut up, paralyzed on the floor. It used to scare me, and it used to happen at any time.. At the beggining it only happen in my dreams when i was sleeping, but after time, it also happen when i was awake.
Sorry for the misspelling i am english but i go to a french school.

Ive had so many of these experiences i cannot count.. i wish i knew how to control it though. when i was a kid i remember knowing what my upstairs neighbors house looks like cuz i was in it so many times leaving my body and my mother would say how could u know what it looks like when u have never been in there. I also had alot of bad experiences with a dark shadow man. I also seem to know things before they happen its weird... love your story

The outputs of the body are experiences that few people live. Our society and science rejects this kind of phenomenon because it is easier to reject than to try to explain them, our society should question a lot of old dogma and would be more difficult to dismiss the fears. Every night everyone dreams, but few remember. Do you live at night and sometimes during the day as a gift is that you actually enjoy it. Live in your dreams, explore the wonderful world of the astral. You will meet beautiful souls in search of absolute, but beware, there are demons lurking. Acknowledge them with your intuition, it will be your guide. Ask your conscience to protect you during your outings OBE, it will guide you. Take the opportunity to travel wherever you want, go inside the monuments. If you have a cat in your home, ask his soul to accompany you, make it your guardian of the astral world. These small animals are very good at that. Courage, do not be afraid to explore, but always with a cautious wisdom.

I think my confrontation with a dark cloud was connected to an out of body experience some how. most my brothers have all had similar experience possibly but it wasn't really out of body I guess. Usually the visual spectrum for me want to black I white possibly as did my brother. It was more of a shifting of the visual spectrum into another plane of existance or something. If you wish you can read my collection of experiences here: --> EP Link <-- Here is a copy of my experience from my collection. <br />
--------------------------------------------------------------- Experience follows -----------------------<br />
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When I was in South Korea and I had a room mate into wicca and witchcraft I guess and read the Bible. He had this coven called the grey. Interesting name. We got along ok but we were kinda different individuals but never had any fights and shared some of our personal opinions. One night however something happened. I was in a dream. In the dream I was in a dimly lit church. It was so dark inside except for lighting coming through the stained glass windows. Each window was a face with some old language below it in what I could call glyphs. I assumed they were the names of the individuals in the windows. I walked to the pulpit and over looked the church to the faces and they all turned and looked at me "the windows". And I suddenly had a very negative feeling and immediately in the dream I recognized that feeling and I said in the dream "I rebuke this dream in Jesus name!" Immediately I woke but was paralyzed. Above me was a very black billowing cloud with slightly silvery edges. I had the pressure and fear of what is I guess described as sleep paralysis though at that time I had never heard of it. Thought I was paralyzed I became angered and mentaly projected at it repetedly, "you must go by the authority of Jesus!" It slowly retreated but was stubborn but vanished out of the corner of the room as if it had come through the upper conrner. As soon as it left My vision when from black and white to color and I regained my freedom of movement. I still felt a negative presence so called down Gods angels and thanked God as I felt a peace come in the room. So I went back to bed. <br />
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Next morning some one opened the door and yelled "Clean your room!" It was odd for a weekend no one usually bothered us on weekends in the Army usually but some one else opened the door and yelled that was a SGT you better get up and do it. So I got up and started picking up. I picked up mine and my room mates stuff he wasn't there that morning. I found his book on the floor called "Witchcraft and Broomstick" I decided to take a peak and see what was in it so I looked inside and found the same glyphs that were in my dream oddly. I thought that was kind of odd and tossed it on his bed. I didn't think much more of it till later that day I saw my room mate when I came back he was very upset and very angry at me for some reason. I asked him if he was all right and he said "(my name) do you know what you have done!" as if he expected me to know. I stated, "no I don't whats going on?" He waited a while then said angrly and upset, "My friend is in a coma." I was confused at this point then asked him what do you mean? I didn't know what friend or where or how. He was very angry and just glared at me like he expected me to know. I didn't feel right there so I decided to leave him be. Later on I came back and he had moved out oddly. I remember the 1st SGT of the company very upset at how some one went over his head and move out of the company with out his permission. I only wish I could have found out who he was talking about and I pray for him to this day. <br />
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The only thing I can figure is this. Him and his coven that day had contacted some entity they used to reach me in a dream. I have a tendancy to recognize paranormal entities that try and invade my dreams or that I see and I know how to chase them off. I think it went back pissed and might have harmed one of the coven is my best guess. Unfortunately for them. I think the chruch was me and the light was them peering into my church or my soul. Each person had a coven name but somethin wasn't right that was there and I recognized it and rebuked it chasing it back to where it came from is my best guess of what happened. I guess my room mate personally thought it was me that put him into a coma. I hope he came out of it what ever it was. <br />
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And that was my personal experience. I later on tried looking up that book "Witchcraft and Broomstick" but couldn't seem to find anything on it oddly.<br />
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I have actually seen quite a few wierd things in my time likely more than I have written. Which peaked my curiosity and is why I try and share and learn.

yes this story has all the hallmarks of your classic Astral Projection...<br />
The strange sounds, vertigo, paralysis, dark abyss, falling sensation...... <br />
ETC.....<br />
but what is even more interesting is that you have them very regularly...<br />
I would be very interesting to know what you commonly do when you are exteriorized ....<br />
Since it must be so common place for you...

It has happend a few times during the day too. It doesn't only happen at my home it's happend at my ex bf, my sister's, my mom's... It's an experience I have so where ever I go it's a part of me. I've learned to except it but it's still an uncomfortable experience for me... especially when I just want to relax.

I read a lot about this stuff. The only hard part is training yourself to lucid dream. You can also do it from meditation. Once you learn deep meditation i don't think it would be too difficult, but i'll have to try it to be sure.

Wow I had no idea you can have an OBE within a lucid dream. That's interesting... <br />
<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

That's actually pretty cool. I've read that you can actually time travel during an OBE, but i'm not sure if that's true. I've tried experimenting with them (by leaving my body during a lucid dream), but it's hard to even have the lucid dreams so i've only succeeded once, and i didn't realize i was out of my body until it was over.<br />
when i realized i was dreaming i decided to leave my body and suddenly i was laying in my bed and i thought i'd woken up. I had a friend sleeping over and she was in her bed asleep, and everything in my room looked perfectly normal, so i was disappointed because i thought i had failed. But then my leg started moving, like someone was shaking it, and i had a problem with a shadow man at the time, so i thought it was the shadow man and i was terrified, so i started screaming my friend's name as loud as i could, but she wasn't waking up. I knew she was a heavy sleeper, but after screaming two or three times i started wondering why the hell she wasn't waking up, then i snapped back to my body and realized what had happened...then i really was disappointed.<br />
<br />
But i did at least find out that if you do it from a lucid dream it's pretty much instantaneous. You skip the buzzing and the paralysis.

is there a general theme for your experiences? ie what are they trying to tell you?

Thank you all for your warm comments... I was never comfortable sharing my out of body experiences with friends or my extended family for fear I would sound like a weirdo to them. I'm so glad I found EP... now I not only get a chance to share them, but I get to share them with people who understand ; )

It’s good that you had your sister to comfort you, until you drifted off and into sleep once more. When the body’s resting then the conscious mind yields to the subconscious, but which is more real? Our mind and body presently exist in life on earth, as we all share and know it. But in reality, we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience. Thus, the question is answered and yet it also asks: Was it a dream? There are distinct differences between them, as there are in OBE, NDE, and life after death? Thank you for sharing one of yours, as I’ve written one of mine in a novel titled “Mommy’s Writings: Mommy, would you like a sandwich?” It’s a true story too.<br />
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I'm glad I got to read your experience... so vivid. It is an amazing gift that you hold and I am sure that it plays a significant role in your spiritual path. What I find amazing is how easily it is for a child to communicate with God. I only had one out of body experience that I can recall and I was too afraid to go past the hallway probably because I felt so much negative energy around me and I could feel that something hid behind the closed door of that hallways and I didn't want to see what it was. It was odd because in my case the hallway expanded as if someone was tempering with my visual perception. I also felt like I was suffocating for some reason as if someone was putting a pillow over my head so I always ran back to try and force myself to wake up. I don't have such experience anymore but I do have a lot of control in my dream. If I know I am about to have a nightmare and I get irritated with the dream I just force myself out of my sleep. I am sure a lot people have that ability but it is a nice one to have. Thank you for sharing.

Our minds are capable of many things beyond our capacity to understand. Enjoy your gift. You are fortunate to have greater use of your mental abilities than the rest of us. I occasionally have aha moments with close friend that shows me we all have some telepathic abilitity. I think in an enlightened state with future evolution we will learn to more fully use our fabulous biochemical electrical biological computer.

Enjoyed reading of your experience. I guess it is important to ask God to guide and protect you and keep you protected in his light. Wish all your experiences are safe and happy.