An Apparition

OMG!!    OMG!!   OMG!!!!  OMG!!!!    just saw an apparition of a little boy crying  OMG!!! OMG!!!  he was standing sideways looking straight at me holding the door knob of the main door like he wanted out. OMG!!! the apparition lasted 3 mins. my God is there someone trying to tell me something or what. just the other night or so there were bangings on my bedroom door now this, all lights go on until daylight, coffee time & some shakings after this experience.. if this keeps up I'm definitely getting investigators to come & check this out.. I'm really freaked out by these incidents..  
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I do not know if this is linked with the "Markings" post, I also see that the author has not been on EP for over a year now, but maybe there is a message for many from this in any case, not just to the OP if she ever comes on EP again to read her comments.<br />
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This is how I see it, some spirit is playing tricks on you to make you empathize with it, linked with the Markings post which I believe a Guardian Spirit told you to leave the apartment because there is evil there, the Guardian Spirit might have referred to this: this boy is not as harmless and innocent as it looks, it wants to trap you, it is like it is asking your help to help him escape the hell he is in due to its earth bound existence but the more you will try to help him the deeper you would spin down lower and lower into a spiral of no outcome, since it does not really need your help, it does not want it... Knocking on your door pretending it needs your help, like knocking on your heart, and crying like creating the impression that it wants out and making you believe it appeared to you because you are the only one that can help it but be careful if judged from the Markings post, it is only messing with your head and you cannot help it because it does not aquire any help, it is just there to pester you and boss you around...<br />
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Nevertheless any spirit or paranormal event can serve as a messenger or spiritual message, whether it is there out of its own ignorance bothering you and refusing to see a better way or not, it is what you see in it, what you take from it, and how you link it with a higher purpose, since your Guardian Angels would not let anything happen to you if it does not serve any greater purpose for your own spiritual growth... This must serve to make you stronger in your faith, and draw you closer to God as any struggle you might encounter with other people (who are also spirits beneath the flesh) with the same hidden agenda.<br />
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One person once said to me Demons function as Angels in disguise to set us free, think about that whenever faced with darkness and evil and your life again!<br />
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.. (gender neutral term used because not sure it is male, it may look male but it can be anything, demons are androgynous and some Angels are too... And it has a dark energy to it, so it is not entirely the Light aspect of yang, the male energy, but the male energy can be destructive too masquerading as being a good person dressed in white, innocent appearance but beneath it all could be darkness itself).

hey sorry, must be really stressful for you!!!! I suggest calling investigators. I mean, unless if you are experienced and know how to end it, how else would it stop. I think its always better to call in experienced people, you dont know what you're dealing with. But dont wait, the stress will only accumulate...

i'm in a seniors apt building on the old side, & josey 53 it is easy for you to say get the hell out of here you never experienced anything like this before I did & I tell you it is not good feeling .

Don't be freaked out. Get disgusted, think about stuff that really gets under your skin, and tell the apparition, "Get the hell out of here!!! Go haunt someone else, I have enough to worry about, I'm not going to put up with you yet!!! I don't have the patience to listen to the living making a pain in the *** of themselves, I'm certainly not going to waste my time fretting over some dumbass ghost like you. If you didn't have time to settle things when you were alive, then tough luck. Get lost!" Cultivate an attitude like that, and your hauntings will cease. What do you care if you offend it? It's dead, it shouldn't be there anyway. This attitude is easy for me because I think it's the stupid spirit who haunts the living. It may take a while for you to get the ball rolling, but once you do, it shouldn't be too long until you're living the peaceful life again.

Is this an old house?

There are several things yo can do to lighten your load until you get a experienced person to find out the reasoning of your entity. First off do not run! it needs to be aparant to the entity you will not be afraid of it's presence and you can live normal life. Secondly if it becomes violent an any way you can safe guard rooms so it may not enter them with salt barriers and holy water. Most entities if evil will be unable to cross these barriers as crazy as it seems. Keep a bible present at all times even if you are not religious trust me on this fact for some reason evil presences do not like them. I have been in situations similar you are not alone! Odds are what you are experiencing will not be violent from what I have read so far, however if it does become agitated or verbal please let me know!