Ghost Dog!!! (Real Picture)

I took this picture a few months ago... I have a black dog you can see him in the photo..
but please.... I want to know    do you see a dog shape near the chair???

The photo is blurred and I don't know why... is a good camera with high resolution, auto-focus and everything...

I used to have a grey dog (Lenny)... She was my dog's sister... they were always together but she died one year ago..

well... watch the photos... and you tell me 


Weird photo!


Lenny :(



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Yeah, I see it.

I see the dog in the picture, but I don't think that it is Lenny because Lenny seems to have more white fur in his face than does the ghost dog. How long have you lived in that house? Did the previous owner have a dog?

it could have been a shadow
you know

Could be a photo mix, WHen the photos on the camera cross and place onto the picture you just took, I had a picture of me with my brother and a faint outline of my dog was on it, An my dog is alive

i agree

Well if that's not a dog, I don't know what else it could be.

yup there are two, and like greyand black cloud said your dog looks like it is cowering .

yes I see the second dog, and I'd believe it was Lenny, too!


When my mum's dog died in the 70s, she saw his spirit walk out through the garden, so it is likely that dogs stay around a while after death :)

Cruel abuse. They resemble joker and creature.

It does look like a dog, but i believe it is an optical illusion shaped by light & shadow.

It might be :)

definitely two dogs and an awesome pic of a spiritual event

thanks! ;)

Yes a ghost dog. Hope he is friendly.

OMG yes i see 2 dogs !

wow. I definitely see something else there.

yeah there is another dog in the pic. it might be lenny. its hard to tell. besides the pic.<br />
has there been any other wierd event?<br />
it is believed that animal spirits are residual but there are cases where it is an "intellagent" haunting.

I have had an experience that was very similar to yours. I was laying on my bed as a child and I saw my dog, Sheba, come running in my room and disapear.

if youre tellin the truth then its weird. course theres always the possibility that youre lyin -.-

hahahaha no... I'm not a liar :)

and i belive u.

2 dogs for sure. youre not crazy lol

are you sure you didn't bought an invisible dog in the past? Maybe she had been invisible for too long you forgot about it after a while.

hahahaha.. maybe.. I'll check.. :D

yeah i see 2 scary maybe she like to be taken on a photo too.....hehehehe.

Yes.. I see two dogs.. It looks like one standing by the chair. Kinda looks like a wiener dog from the photo..

If this is real, then cool pic. I hate to be a skeptic, but I have to have brilliant evidence or nothing. I'm a believer, but there's a lot out there that's fake or misinterpreted. This pic looks like two dogs to me. Both as clear as the other. In fact the ghost dog looks like it's heading for the dog food bowl!!! Do ghost dogs eat? ;-) Hmmmm

Yes they eat ghost dog food... ^_^

i definitely see 2 dogs in this photo clear as day... it looks like the dog thats not supposed to be there is laying on the floor i think

No.. my other dogs are a pitbull and a chihuahua...<br />
I'm not scared... is the least scaring thing that happens in my house...<br />
is like paranormal paradise around here...

thaNks.! :)

That does look very much like another dog. But why is it in black and white? I think some color contrast would of helped decipher what it was.

I'm not sure.. but I take TONS of photos and have many many photos with this sort of anomaly.<br />
I think it's similiar to the photos we see in the Enquirer all the time, "Satan seen in a cloud of smoke"...<br />
<br />
To me, the most logical explanation is that our brains are hard wired to 'recognize' things, and most especially things that are important to us. Is it REALLY your dog? Probably not. Is it a shadow that 'clicks' the right markers in your head - probably so.<br />
gosh, I hope this answer makes sense! lol

She was very ill and suffering so much that my mom decided to put her to sleep, Lenny was the sweetest dog I've had... and I loved her so much... I rescued her and my other dog when they were like 3 weeks old... well I actually steal them from a place they where being abused... they didn't had a proper shelter and people there hit them (she was brutally beat and had problems with her jaw and hips ever since)<br />
I can't imagine... how can someone hit a tiny helpless puppy and don't feel like sh*t?? <br />
<br />
I just couldn't take it... and suddenly I had 2 puppies in my room... hahahahaha :D<br />
<br />
they were always together... <br />
when she died my dog (her brother) try to find her all over the house, crying and smelling .... he stopped searching after a few weeks :(

do see a dog near the chair

there is nothing to scare because u told that your dog is so affectionate with her sister then there is some possibilities of died dog to be with your dog,, now i want to know that ?.how she died?.. is that natural death or accidental or by ill?... could u tell me

Thats quite an interesting pic...

yea it is freakey but they say that she will alwas be there to watch over you

Awww :)

i have had one ghost dog encounter in my life so i know they exisit too. I was as sleep in the living room couch when I heard it barking I then could hear his paw claws walking around on my hardwood floor. At first I thought I left my back door open and a stray dog got in. I kept my eyes close to pretend to be sleeping tp the dog well because I thought it would bite me if I "woke up" it was a big dog I felt him step on my hair and smell me and then ran off. i jumped up and ran to the back door to find it locked.I dont think its Lenny though. its looks like a k-9 (police dog) but I could be wrong.

Noo... is 100% real.!!<br />
I don't have to explain things to you... and you have the right to express your toughts about this picture... I don't care, thanks for the comment PandaReverb :)

You're welcome! And you don't have to explain anything, especially since there isn't anything that needs explaining. I am a bit sad that you just toss out my opinion because I don't think it holds any evidence of being anything real. It is a neat picture with the story behind it. I just don't find it believable.

I'm going to go ahead and say that this photo is totally shopped. The dog jumping down from the chair has far too much clarity, and looks just like the dog behind the chair. The coloring is off, which is expected with a blur, but the white spot near the hind legs give it away. They are even the same body type and same size. Totally shopped.

yeah..but is creepy... hahahahah .. No is a photo taken with a digital camera :D

that`s awsome!! :) picture phone?

No ... I'm not afraid :)

I am not crazy after all... hahahahaha I see 2 dogs too.... and my dog looks so scared :(

i see 2 dogs

dude if you didn't tell me there was something there that shouldn't have been I would've told you that I just see two dogs.. honestly.

Maybe is not her... but is creepy anyway :S

hahahahaa... LOL. :)

The brown on the face makes me think it's not Lenny but of course I could be wrong and yes, it does look like a dog getting off of your chair.