Well it looks like I'm going to have to look for some Ghost busting ( professionals) do any of you know how I can reach them.. I discovered Markings on my bedroom wall it had the words Hush, stop it, get out, with letter M 666 in red .....this sounds evil to me. flickering of lights again cold in the bedroom.....never in my life have I seen activity like this yet alone see two Apparitions within a two day period..anyone ever says there is no spirit world they better think again..
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M could be the initials of a Guardian Angel telling you something... Do you have a grandmother or ancestor with the name beginning with an M now serving as a Guardian once crossed over? Well I did read in the other stories that you eventually moved out of the apartment... That is what your Guardian Angel could have wanted by sending you such a message... Red is a catchy colour for warnings, the writing is on the wall... Yes it could have meant to get out before it drives you completely mad! Maybe to a place with a lighter energy, a more healthy and fresh energy for a more peaceful life and environment for spiritual growth.

The internet is a great place to find paranormal experts in your area. If you still have trouble finding one, contact an maybe they will be able to send you in the right direction. They help alot of people and I've met them andthey are very friendly. If the activity in your home is that severe , honestly I wouldnt hesitate to contact someone right away before it worsens. Say positive, in my experience they feed off of negativity, so no matter what happens, keep hope alive inside of you and you will resolve this. Good luck to you