Shadow Dreams.

        These dreams, i started having them around a year like May or June , 2010. My dreams started with a dream about the devil. In my dream my parents were giving me off the the devil...any explanations???
     Well continuing months after, i started having dreams of dark shadows crawing up my bed or my wall. But these dreams took place at my homes usually and it felt as if all that was happening in my dream was happening in reality. Because when i woke up, it was the same setting. 
    On occasions i would dream of shadows reaching out to me, which freaked me out and i woke up all terrified. i had also had another one with a dark shadow standing by my bed with red eyes. Sometimes i don't even want to go to sleep. 
  Well with these dreams, during the day or when i'm out or alone, i feel something stalking me. I dont know if it just me. 
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i cant realy come to a direct decision on exactly what is going on but it sounds like.<br />
your being targeted by a demon. why...i dont know. demons target people for many reasons.thats for you to pin point.<br />
what should you do? talk to a trusted cleregy member. any religion.<br />
pray before bed.<br />
and if your desprate have your house blessed, go get babitized, then clean you home...when i say clean...i mean scrub everything....sometimes that helps heal the environment. negative entities leave negative energy so its good to realy srub away the negativity. its a temporary fix, you must maintain yourself and your life.<br />
fix your problems whatever is causing you to be a target.<br />
sleep depervation sucks it will lead to more problems. godbless and goodluck

I don't think it's just you, i've had the same kind of experience. Go to - there are hundreds of accounts similar to yours. <br />
<br />
I wonder why some of them have red eyes and some of them don't though, other than that the stories are almost always basically identical.<br />
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Here's my experience: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

I would guess these dreams of yours are haunted, but for what reasons? Could be yours parents. Not necessarily true though because these beings are liars. They would lie to you through images, dreams, and stuff. <br />
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Don't be scared, because these world are full of demons anywhere we go. So haunted or not, they are always around. It's whether they are actively haunting you. In your case, it might be. <br />
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We have more angels guarding us than the fallen ones and their demons minions, but they require us to give them green light to act. Angels are under God, so the way to get help from them is to pray to God, it always works for me.<br />
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Here is my experience: