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San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research (sjvpr)

 Interview with Atheuth Paris, James Paris, Jared Foster, Paranormal Investigators
- San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research (SJVPR).

June 3, 2011, Friday: I am heading over to Starbucks at Hammer Lane and West to meet up with the San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research team. On the way, I get a very unique phone call, it's an inmate from Kern County Jail. He is sentenced to life and will be transferred to San Quentin Prison soon. He has been doing research on the numerous murders and suicides that have occurred at San Quentin and wants to form an in-house inmate paranormal team to investigate the hauntings that are taking place inside this institution. He is thinking of calling his team the San Quentin Inmate Paranormal Task Force. I was thinking to myself, boy if he really gets this off the ground, he is going to have many reality TV show producers chasing him and his team. What a concept!! He asked if I would be his outsider consultant. Sure, why not! One of the things that he said, is he did not want to spend his life slapping his monkey, which brings to mind a good way to start off this interview...with Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey, which you can hear here:

Now let's get to that interview....

Question: Before we begin this interview, please tell me something personal about yourselves.

Atheuth: I am currently going to school to be a medical assistant, and I also work at the college I go to as a peer-tutor. I am a wife and a mother of three wonderful kids. I have been a sensitive since I was three years old, I see and feel spirits. I have people from all over send me pictures to read. I touch the pictures and get images. I have been blessed to work with many people in the paranormal field. I am a paranormal investigator and case manager for San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research (SJVPR). I love everything I do and I am always excited to go and investigate. My favorite movie of all time is The Burbs, with Tom Hanks. I enjoy Destination Truth, on TV and my favorite color is blue. I am also a Leo and one of my three tattoos is a blue lion on my leg. My other two tattoos are the Egyptian eye of Horus on the back of my neck and I have a rose behind my right ear. I am a ordained minister as well. I live in Stockton, CA. but I am originally from Ohio. One of my favorite of places to visit and investigate is Prospect Place in Trinway, OH. It’s a 29 room mansion that was part of the Underground Railroad.

James: I am also currently going to school to be a medical assistant. I am also a craftsman. I am a husband and father of three great step children. I am one half of the Paranormal Comedians along with with Mark Cisper. I love watching the paranormal shows, because it gives me ideas to try out and to try making the investigations that we have better. I love to listen to country music. I am always trying to make a better way to capture voices and possibly figures. I am currently the Tech Manager for San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research. I have been very much inspired by Andy Coppock and he has created a ITC device. I have been working on trying to make one of my own. Andy Coppock and Michelle Brown both have mentioned about using natural light on investigations. After a year or two later, I started thinking about it more and more. So I have brought in a few Full Spectrum light bulbs and have found out that it helps with EVPs. We are still testing the idea that it will help with capturing the spirits on film.

Jared: I am the founder of, I invented the MSB social media management system. I’ve been an entrepreneur since a young age. I have had many paranormal experiences through out my life, which drew me to study energy, law of attraction, & the law of the universe.. I have been blessed to speech, & teach like minded people. I was attracted to San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research (SJVPR) when I met the producer of Ghost Hunter in Sacramento; he told me about the team, so now I’m happy to say I hold the PR position.
When I’m not running companies & hunting ghosts, I’m enjoying boating with friends on the Delta, also reading books everyday.. I’m a big believer.. work hard, play hard.. It’s a must to experience everything in this life time.

Question: How long has SJVPR existed? How did you get started and what got you started investigating the paranormal?

Answer: The team SJVPR has been around for about 8 years now. We originally had different names SJVPI (San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Investigators) SJVPI was founded by Tiffany Helbling, we would still be named that, but she had a very bad car accident. Right now she is coming along great. But since we were not able to retrieve her passwords for the team email and website, we formed SJVPR. We all got started because we were curious. We love helping people.

Question: How many people are on your team? Who are the members and what are their titles?

Answer: There are 13 members on the team. Cristl Phillips- Founder and Team Leader, Jared Foster-PR Manager, James Paris- Tech Manager, Atheuth Paris-Case Manager, Jaimee Lee-Investigator, Trish Starkweather-Research Manager, Mark Cisper-EVP Analyst, Jeremy Blainy-Camera Man, Andy Flickinger-Camera Man, Jason Tovar-Investigator, Erin Parks-Investigator, Dawn Conway-Investigator, Johnny-Investigator

Question: Can you tell us about some of your cases?

Answer: We investigated Atwater Air Force Museum, and it was an amazing case. We used full spectrum light bulbs on that case and we captured some wonderful evps. We also caught some shadow people on our DVR cam. We also have investigated a historical site here in Stockton, CA, that is a 150 year old building. It used to be a tannery in olden times, and it had burned down about 4 times. On this case we caught an amazing panic sounding evp of “We Caught Fire”. Many of our cases are house cases, where we go to peoples’ homes and investigate. These investigations are all over the Central Valley and Northern CA.

Question: What is your best case?

Answer: Let me tell you about another one in San Bruno… It was equally a best case, it was a house case. At this home our Andy camera guy was actually pushed, and this was caught on our DRV cams. We also caught over 100 evps. In one room we all felt a very heavy feeling, I myself went out in this room and did not snap out of it until our founder came in, but she not only helped me up. She also helped Mark, on the team get up too, because he felt this crazy electrical charge going through his legs. We caught video evidence of our K2 going off intelligently along with a flash light going off correlating with it.

Question: Jared, you mentioned off the record with me about your involvement in martial arts, can you elaborate?

Answer: My involvement in my martial arts training start when I was young, then picked it back up in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Question: Atheuth: You mentioned something about a new device that you may be utilizing in your investigations, can you talk about this?

Answer: My husband James Paris and I have been greatly inspired by our good friend Andy Coppock and Michelle Brown. Andy has invented a device called a ITC, as a means to communicate with spirits. So James and I have been working on converting a current voltage device, in order to use it on investigations.

Question: I met Atheuth at the Loomis Scouting mission, did you enjoy this scouting mission?

Answer: It was wonderful getting to meet you Paul, I had an absolutely wonderful time on the Loomis investigation. It was wonderfully well organized and as a sensitive it was a dream come true scouting mission.

Question: James you said that full spectrum light bulbs help you with EVPs? Can you please explain?

Answer: Well, what I mean is that the light itself helps with capturing the EVPs. I think that it is because the full spectrum light bulb gives off just enough light to help them speak. The first night that we actually tested it out, we caught a couple of children’s voices saying that the light helps when we asked if it did. We also tell the spirits to use the light to help. I should also mention that, I want to use white noise generators. But have them turned up just enough that we can barely hear them while we are doing the EVP sessions.

Question: How can someone contact your group and what is your website address?

Answer: and our email address is

Question: During the interview a new HPI member called me, Gina Vega. Gina is a professional sketch artist and lives in Stockton. Your group is from Stockton and Gina would like to be involved in a local group, so I had James talk with her on my cell phone. What is a unique quality in using a sketch artist is that if a paranormal investigator encounters an anomaly or an entity during the investigation, they can explain it to Gina and she can sketch out what they saw. Then the sketch can be shown to the occupant to see if they have seen the entity or anomaly that Gina has drawn. This would give some validation to the investigation. Gina as a sketch artist is a good tool for investigations. What are your thoughts James?

Answer: Paul, I agree. Using a sketch artist would help on the claims. It would help for both the clients and the investigators. What I mean is that the investigator sees an figure and can give the details and the Gina can sketch it out and it can be someone that the client knows i.e. family, friend, teacher etc…

Question: HPI investigates all things paranormal, from UFOs to monsters to conspiracy theories. Do you ever investigate other things besides ghosts?

Answer: We don’t usually, but we did have one case about UFOs. I cannot go into to much detail about it, but I can say that we did debunk that claim and actually found it was a few spirits there but nothing alien like. But it would be kind of cool to investigate a UFO sighting.

Question: Atheuth: You said you are working a cold murder case, can you elaborate?

Answer: The most I can say about it is… SJVPR, is currently working on cold cases by providing a scientific/technology approach to our investigations. By using equipment such as IR cameras and audio recorders.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview and hope to see you all on some future HPI investigations, of course when you are on an HPI investigation, you are all HPI paranormal investigators (smile).

Answer: Thank you so much Paul! We had a wonderful time and very much look forward to investigating with HPI and you. This interview was so much fun!

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