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i had recently lost my grandfather and was kinda upset becouse he has yet to try to make any conections forward me. last night on the way to my bfs house i put my hand out the window (i live in miami and it was wierdly breezy outside) and all of a suddne i felt some one holding my hand. i looked at my hand and it seemed as if i was holding it back. i immediatly started crying. i couldnt believe it. my hand felt warm and niceeven when i was driving and it was cold out. they werent hold it to tight. it was as if me and who ever was holding it were about to encouter something huge. the first thought that came into my head was my grandfather and how happy i was to feel his hand again. im not sure how i knew it was him, it just felt like the same feeling when hewould hold my hand while he was still alive. i didnt want to put the windows up nor did i want him to stop holdong it. if i could stay there forever feeling his hand, i wouldnt need anyhting else.
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indeed not all paranormal experiences are scary, i had an experience once where my duvet was being dragged off of me, in a state of panic as i was alone i sat bolt upright and screamed f... off at which point the duvet flopped down and i was overcome with a feeling of well being like id been tranquilised, my best friends mother had noot long passed away and something told me that it was her trying to get a message to me, though the bible tells you that ghosts do not exist, there are angels and demons, i will never really know, but im not so frightened now, as long as those demons keep at bay!!!


Gee that is wonderfull! I'm sure that experience will never leave you and you will always remember it. I had a simular experience with my Mom only my right arm the hairs stood up and the air kind of felt almost electric and I just knew it was my Mom and I was so happy I didn't or couldn't talk for a short time. I will never forget it.

How lovely that you had this experience to comfort you after your loved one's death. Best wishes to you.