I See Dead People

I visited the tower of london when I was about 5 years old with my four brothers and sisters. We went into a building called the white tower. while we were looking down from the balcony a woman dressed in what I would call victorian clothes walked across the room. She was dressed like a queen her outfit was cream and gold and she had a tiara on. she was holding her head in her hands and seemed distraught, she was crying. My sister who saw her said to my mum "why is that woman crying"..my mum looked down and said "what woman". it was just me and my sister that could see her. As we got further along my sister pointed out a picture on the wall and said "there she is, thats the woman", it was a picture of anne boleyn, but that wasnt the woman i saw she was much lighter haired. Each time we went back that particular tower was under construction or being renovated. Finally last year I managed to get into the building. the first thing I noticed was a picture of a woman, her name was queen charlotte of Mecklenburgh.i called over my friend who was over from Jersey for a trip and said, "what can you notice about this woman", she replied , "she is mixed race". So when i got home i decided to dig into this queen of england, and what i found was astonishing. her mother was born on my birthday, her father has my grandfathers name the name mecklenburgh is very much like my surname im mclennon, she was mixed race, so am i. it made me really think. Oh and by the way my name in its native gaelic means white. This all happened in the White tower. Coincidence?
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hmmmm straywolf interesting comment

very cool, to be honest as i know of i have no 'gift' whatsoever of seeing the dearly departed or the 'not so dearly' departed, but i want it, however i consider myself lucky. good luck and lets hope you dont run into any.....other spirits that might not want you around if you know what i mean kay?

yes it spooked me too

Very creepy but interesting story.