The Light Turned On In My Hand

my elderly neighbour knocked at my door recently, she said she was having problems with her doorbell. It wasnt working and could i give her a hand. i said yes so i went up into her flat and she has one of these bells which are plugged into the wall . Possibley because she is slightly deaf the switch which goes into the wall has a light on it, so if she cant hear it she will see it light up. anyway i went in unplugged the wall connection and we stood their talking for a while i moved it outside first incase it was to do with the range and tried it in another socket etc but it still wouldnt work i tried another socket incase it was a faulty socket still nothing...i asked her did she think the fuse may have blown, she said she didnt know so i moved it in my hand, suddenly it lit up in my hand. It scared the life out of me and so i threw my hand down by my side hoping that she hadnt seen it...though quite why i reacted like this i have no idea. I then looked up at her and she was staring at me with her mouth open, then she said..."DID YOU SEE THAT, THAT LIGHT JUST LIT UP IN YOUR HAND" i was so shocked i didnt know how to react so i said ...oh did you see that...actually i thought i was finaly going over the edge...then she said yes and if i told anyone what just happened here they wouldnt believe me, to which i said...then dont tell anyone. But what was that?
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interesting thats my haplotype K.....and also the letter for lysine which i produce... i wish i could explain it.

Magick. (With a "K"). You were concentrated on turning the light on so hard that you did it with psychic energy without knowing it.

No! i don't understand that either! that is a mystery! especially the light in your hand, wow!! that is spooky! You know, when you touch a metal railing or anything metal do you have a small shock at all from that!? do you think it is the static!? but there, even if you do! wouldn't mean, the switch would light up in your hand! though! would it! :D Hmmmmmm! your's is a great post and one to think about :D Again my doll thank you for sharing! :D

really!, i thought it was more a energy thing ...but i still cant explain it. Jumping that would have freaked me but i might have thought of that as some kind of energy surge. Or maybe it wasnt pushed in properly...and was half in half out, i could find an explanation for that if i looked but with the light in my hand...that was different. i cant explain it, i cant find an excuse and i dont get it!.

They say, the "spirits/ghosts/lost-souls" like to play with the electricity! I wrote a story about my friends "lightbulb" jumping out of it's socket on it's own! <br />
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Great post thank you for sharing your darling! :D <>

lol...of course! scared!!!, but also pretty excited!.

trazztoria i think you are right, i make tvs lose signals too.