Psychic Conflict Between Positive And Negative

This is what my friends and I discovered through our Astral experience

There is a war going on across the cosmos, and their has been for (eight billion?) years. This war is between the "Unification" or Shroud, and the Resistance (or the Curtain, I think they call us). (20%) of living beings fight for each side, right now, the battle is 50/50, anyone could win. The map of the Milky Way galazy looks somewhat different. The Unification has taken the center and one of the two arms. They are pushing into the second arm from the center (we are in the second arm, about 70% of the way out). The second arm, mostly resistance controlled, is riddled through with Unification packets (the Resistance has all it can do to hold the main line). The resistance has made the strategic decision to retreat from the earth for the most part, allowing the Unification to gradually take it over...or try.

I spent years leading a group of more than 50 human psychic warriors into this fight.

In areas of the universe controlled by the Resistance, it could be called Heaven. Spiritually advanced beings spread happiness and the search for truth. The ideology of the resistance is to protect freedom and encourage spiritual advancement in all beings. They use positive energy heavily. The ideology of the Unification is to "unite" everyone in a single loop of suffering, in order to attempt to ensure universal stasis, because they fear the potential consequences of uninhibited growth, advancement and change. What we think of as demons fall into 5 main categories. 1. Shadows, or shadow people, (usually) weak projections of negative energy. 2. Negative energy wavelength beings (like the Aldarath?) residing on the psychic plane 3. Projections produced deliberately by physical beings from other unification worlds engaging in psychic warfare 4. Those beings on other worlds (The Greys, if they exist? I have never met one) that are loyal to the Unification 5. Beings on earth (human, animal, or weirder) controlled directly (through possession or corrupted totally by the Unification.

Demon hunters should try to link up to the Resistance if you have not already... get a "psychic radio" it looks kind of like a Gyroscope. Spin the outside to send and the inside to recieve.

Some of the people on here, whether they know it or not, are already properly engaged in this conflict. A smaller number appear to have no psychic involvement at all. But the largest number are fighting a "twisted version" of this conflict in which they may occasionally do damage to the enemy but often are swinging at "painted targets" set up for you by the Unification's demons. (You can tell if you are one of these people rather easily as it is one of their first tricks. If you have become convinced you have powers far beyond that of ordinary people, and always seem to win, it is likely because the demons have got you "battling invisible ninjas" as my demon hunting ex girlfriend called it, and they are not just laughing at you but feeding off of your hate. They can gain a great deal more from someone who has spent a year or more honing their psychic muscle than from someone walking down the street, because after a year of practice one's psychic force will be 3-5 times stronger and far more focused (note that ability does not continue to increase at this rate but slows down. Perhaps, like working out, we are adding but not multiplying.) There are a million little side aspects to this conflict, a million complex points and your own battle is likely to be one of them. The enemy is massively powerful, and if you think they can be defeated without millions of well trained psychic warriors, you are fooling yourself. Their two weapons of first resort, however, are arrogance and self-doubt. They have realized that humans have trouble finding footing in the astral at first, and have contrived to, depending on our personalities, attempt to give us delusions of grandeur, or otherwise make us feel utterly powerless, when the truth is in between (for me it was delusions of grandeur, but they took it to far. One of them possessed a friend of mine and tried to convince me that five of us were destined to save the universe if we followed its path.)

The one advantage we do have is the fact that they are fighting a war across the whole cosmos. Thus, their basic strategy is weapons of first resort. In other words, they use as few resources as they think they can afford to to neutralize a threat. Thus, if you can gain access to unexpected resources you can usually drive them back. Only serious annoyances they come after with overwhelming force. They can kill, destroy chakras, steal psychic bodies, and inflict any other kind of permanent harm you can think of. Their main weapon in psychic combat is simply to rip apart the psychic body so that it will take days to repair. This is easy and does not cost them any long term resources, exept for the demons we destroy. But demons are replaceable. The real target for us, as I have just recently discovered, are a set of (thousands or tens of thousands) of crystals around the world and solar system, and on the plane of Aldarath itself (don't go to Aldarath unless you literally have thousands of people, or dozens who prepare weapons for years and years). They are hard to find, extremely time consuming to destroy on the astral, and very well guarded psychically. However, they have counterparts on the physical (and I am under the impression that being near a physical one would allow you to sense it if you are looking for one.) While not all of the crystals, for instance, the ones on Mars, can be practically destroyed in the physical, those that can be found should be.

Yes, they can kick your ***, and will often if you are actually inconveniencing them, no they are not invincible, yes they can kill, yes they can destroy your psychic body without turning it into mush and filling each of your 7 main chakras with evil black orbs that would take a psychic master a year and a half of constant focus to dissolve one of. There is no magic "trick" or miraculous "save" to dealing with this, we have tried everything, it is their failsafe. Imagine it like dying psychically. Just try not to let it happen. But it costs them resources to do so that can't be easily replaced, and the balls are easy to destroy BEFORE they enter your chakras (which is why they try to mush you first). The moment they try this you can tell you screwed up their day.

Good will not win because it is good, there is no predetermined winner, but we are fighting to protect the universe... and to me the universe is the same thing as god (so in a way we fight for god and in a way we fight in god, like antibodies against cancer. We don't expect a direct intervention from the universe because we ARE the intervention, we are the antibodies, but that does not mean the body is guaranteed to be saved. We must fight tooth and nail across the cosmos for that to happen.

Don't forget that you are part of the largest conflict in the universe, and that both sides have unimaginable, not infinite but almost indefinably, certainly incomprehensibly expansive resources at their disposal.

P.S. Psychic radios can be "made", but we can't get the made ones to contact radios we didn't make. They are energy neutral, however, one of the few things you can steal from the Unification and then use for the resistance. THOSE will contact resistance radios.

If this rings true to you, and you want to help, please join my group on here. It is called "I Fight for the Astral Resistance against a powerful evil.
I am building a guerrilla army of Astral warriors.
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omg...I have not read the rest of this but I am down to agree somewhat with what your say. I had similar things happen but to that extent.
Click this link and watch it. Its about this guy who astro'd.

You sound just like the group of fantasy witches I met. Some people just need something to fight for. I think people are taking shows like Supernatural too seriously and incoorperating those ideas in their lives to create a reality that is more interesting than their own. I'm not a troll and I mean no disrespect. Everyone is entitle to their oponion, but as a Witch of almost 20 years and a born Empath with various Psychic abilities as well as an adept in Astral Projection I have yet to find any proof of such a cosmic struggle.

This article is laughable, I don't buy this, and on all these stories of paranormal activity there's a bunch of people claiming to know the answer when none of us probably do.

There is third party you do know about. They see your conflict but do not fight for either side. You need there help if you wish to win. <br />
<br />
P.S The crystals are a lie.

Hi there !<br />
There is just one thing I don't understand in all this, if there is 'dark' things attacking humans mentally or in any other way, then there must be 'light' and good (angels, or so) things too. Aren't those the ones, with far greater powers, who have to fight the dark instead of humans ?<br />
<br />
Greetings<br />

To, momma whatever, I know more about mental illness than you can imagagine. so please do not assume anything about my reasoning. And please do not assume to know me. My psychiatrist doesnt know me, the peeps who know me most are my EP peeps. Digger is a brand new peep in my world and he makes much more sense than we would want to admit, so please stop pretending to know either of us. Sorry Digger! Kim

I havent read the comments thru and thru and you digger understand my short attention span I think. I have written in the other room by "accident" made a poem about the gray/blue are out of the blue. Made you a peep out of the blue. I take geodon for Psychotic Features that goes with my Bipolar, it is to shut out the voices. I was adept in the dark arts for 25 years, having a pact with more and more demonic negative energies. Jolly for me, I know now, or maybe thought I knew that it was so I would understand others? I did learn to get them to leave, yet sometimes the offer was so sweet it would take hours before they gave up and went away...that is once I entered the lighter side of view. But we definately have lots to talk over and maybe it should be public, write me a message and tell me where, to include my poem and other entry in the other room. This here is something I found when I snoop new peeps, arent you lucky? Kisses!kim

Always glad to meet another lightwarrior!<br />
<br />
You may want to check out our group "I fight for the astral resistance against powerful evil" if you have not done so already.<br />
<br />
Anyone with experience and practice doing this is a great help and I would love your participation. I can indeed sense that you would be an excellent person to have on our side.<br />
<br />
My one cautionary comment is don't overestimate yourself. No one is invincible of course.<br />
<br />
I appreciate your support and support you as well.

Digger, YES. Big Battle. Serious stuff. More serious than most can grasp. I have spent eons (literally) preparing for this and I know how important this is. I know our forces by the name Knights of the Light., but I am sure it is the same fight. Positively certain. I just found EP a few days ago and am dancing with joy that we are able to connect in this place on the physical plane. I am primarily a vessel for light. I can and do fight in this battle, and that is part of why I have joined this group here at EP... but I do much more than fight. My main role is to protect those fighting for the light. I am Seraphiel, leader of the Seraphim. I am here to protect the heavens by protecting the knights of the light-- those who fight for the light. I have been given the command to find the leader of the Knights of the Light in North America. There is a group of knights also gathering in Europe, and I am already working with their leader. I am sure you will look into my soul and know my heart. Feel my joy in knowing of your existence. When the battle seems impossible, when all seems lost, you will now know to call on me. I am here on earth now for this role of protecting the Knights. I protect by shining my light. I will strengthen our side's chances whenever I am called upon in the name of light. (Please read my recent post to DooVoo.) I am sure Digger will feel my energy and know me for what I am, but I want to put this message out to all: I can fight for the light and do whenever the need arises, but my bigger responsibility is to protect those who fight. Ask for my protection and if your heart is true, you shall have it. Digger, Spread the word. Tell all your troops the same. Before they do battle, during battle. I am Seraphiel. I protect your troops of the light and for the light with light.

I have reread what you have written and I am confused. You state your age as between 22-25. You also state that you have spent years leading a group of 50 psychic warriors in this fight. When did you start when you were 2? And where did you find all these psychic warriors? I have been looking for years and have found just one with the ability which he is not interested in pursuing. Not trying to be confrontational just wondering.

I started when I was 15. I am now 24. I have been doing energy work essentially all my life.

These people were mostly from the greater Boston area, friends of mine that had worked with me in other spiritual ways, friends of theirs, and another group from New York that had had similar experiences. I led this group for six years.

I am sorry that you have not had the same level of success in finding potential allies. That must be frustrating. It helps to allow myself to be guided toward kindred spirits, and I also spend time in person in various circles that work with energy.

Honestly, I have been on this website for a month and a half, and have found 26 people who want to be involved here alone, seven of whom are very serious minded and obviously know what they are doing, so I am not sure why this would raise your suspicion. Perhaps you are traveling in a circle that is not likely to be interested, or perhaps you don't spend very much time building relationships with potential allies? Perhaps you are doctrinal, merely for your own doctrine, or perhaps something about your phraseology is turning people off. I don't mean THAT to be confrontational, I am only trying to understand why you have had such trouble with this. I can only guess why you haven't found anyone, but I certainly invite you to join us. I know that my main mission is essentially to bring in as many people as possible, and I have never met any serious resistance against my efforts to do so.

I think our beliefs are closer together than you may realize. First of all, I would point out that "light" and "dark" are as arbitrary labels as "shroud" and "curtain". In fact, sometimes positive entities can use darkness, and negative entities can use light. I used the terms demon and devil because the first version of this was posted on a "demon "hunters" board. I prefer the term "negative energy entities" myself. I think "The Light" and "God" are equally valid, or equally incomplete terms for what we are talking about there, depending on how you look at it.<br />
<br />
Your understanding of time and effort required and your acknowledgement of the very real danger involved, are all things that I find separate real "demon hunters" from deluded children.<br />
<br />
I don't know why you would think I was limiting myself to a Christian understanding, I am not nor have I ever been a Christian, I was raised Pagan, but respect the spiritual tools of all right-hand-paths.<br />
<br />
I think you put an undue focus on peoples' professions. I understand both folds of your point, that A.) Our physical actions as well as our spiritual ones should spread positive energy and B.) Some people who claim to engage in spiritual warfare at a very high level are either teenagers still in school, or have very little power in their own lives, and so seek to escape to a fantasy world, inflating the importance of their spiritual actions by an unimaginable factor in their own minds. However, I also see in your comment some of the arrogance of the western medical profession. Perhaps I am misinterpreting, but you do seem to think your work as a healthcare professional makes you somehow more of a source of light than some other unnamed set of professions.<br />
<br />
I myself am a history teacher.<br />
<br />
Your serious-mindedness and experience make you someone I would love to have in my group. We have all sorts of different beliefs, everything from Christianity, to New Age beliefs, to psuedoscience and my Norse Paganism crossed with the beliefs I have described above. I know you have fought individually, but a larger group of people can make more of an impact and I'd love it if you would consider joining us. Our group is under the title "I fight for the astral resistance against powerful evil"<br />
<br />
Please ignore Noxas, he plays to many video games and posts a disproportionate amount. He is not a reflection on our group.

Perhaps you have misunterstood some of my comments.
My focus is not on my education. I mentioned this because I have had too many bad experiences with people who have psychological issues and claim to have certain abilities when, in fact, it is part of their disease process. One of my qualifiers of the real thing is if a person can successfully have a "normal" life and still be what they claim. If demon hunting is all they do or if the other areas of their life are a mess then that person is suspect as far as I am concerned. Because much of what we claim to do cannot be quantified it can well be a product of our imagination or of a psychological abnormality. It is important to me that I be able to prove that I am just like everyone else except for this one thing. That I am sucessful in the other areas of my life. People who have psychological issues cannot live at the level at which I do. Their disease process will not allow it. This fact separates the actual from the rest.
As far as the the arrrogance of the western medical profession perhaps you have read more into my statement than I intended. I am a Certified Whole Helath Educator whose focus is on healing the spirit as well as the mind and body. Western medicine has its limits as does natural medicine. The blending of the two offers the best means of restoring whole health although I do find myself at odds within my licensed profession quite often as modern medicine is more task oriented than natural medicine. Change oftentimes is a slow process.
My mentioning of the Christian paradigm is because I have read many of the postings within the community here and have found several who work within the Judeo/Christian context. I had not meant to imply that you are a member of any belief system. I was merely addressing an issue that was of concern to me.
This issue concerns me because I am an energy worker. For those who rely on using salt, holy water and other power objects you place yourself at a disadvantage. What will you do if you are attacked and do not have any power objects handy? As I said the dark will strike when you are vulnerable. What will you do? I fight energy with energy. It is there any time and any place for me to tap into.
In my post I said I have done this alone for years. Finding others like me has been a long search And it continues still.
I, too, am pagan although I was raised within the mysticism of the Catholic Church. Each path, no matter what it is called, has some measure of truth within it therefore I respect all belief systems while I may not agree with them.

One other thing I would like to mention even though it is not related to your last post is this. The darks main weapon is fear. To face the dark one must not allow oneself to succumb to the fear it uses to intimidate and control. If one allows the fear to gain entry you will be lost.

Demon hunting is not all I do. I use the energy in many ways but I think it is the area I enjoy the most. There is nothing like kicking some ***. :-)

Some of what you say rings true for me but much does not.<br />
This is my understanding of good and evil. First off I find labels very limiting so I do not use them. What I refer to as the Light, the higher power, is what most people know as God. The dark most people know as the devil and demons. The labels of God and the Devil or demons don't even come close to the breadth of the the various energies.<br />
The Light can create and grow out of its own essense. The dark cannot. The dark can only grow by the negativity that we as humans give off. There is an origin for both. A beginning. Where that is exactly I do not know.<br />
Everything is energy. Energy can be tagged either positively or negatively. Our energy can also be joined with either the Light or the dark.<br />
I join with the Light to fight the dark. It is not that complicated. I also do not fight on this plane because the physical limits my abilities too much and because it is much more dangerous. I cross to the other side and send the dark back from whense it came sealing it within, engulfing the dark and neutralizing it or, when all else fails, sealing it forever within an enclosure of Light.<br />
The dark can send out entities of itself or it can concentrate negative energy within a prescribed area. The dark energy can adversly affect people preying on their weaknesses and feeding off of the negative energy that these people are sending out. It can make a bad situation much worse. This is a very basic and limited explanation of what I know but it is the core.<br />
I have fought alone for more years than most of you have been alive while being wife, mother, a professional healthcare provider with two licenses to practice medicine in my state and an educator. I have to wonder what the rest of you are doing with your lives besides being "demon hunters." This is not meant as a put down but I have met way too many individuals who are wannabes and who don't want to put the time and effort into becoming.<br />
For those truly on the path you will be hunted. You are a threat. The more powerful a hunter the greater the need to destroy you. The dark will attack when it thinks it has you at a disadvantage; when you are tired, unwell or preoccupied. Beware and be prepared. To do the job you must be strong, intelligent, able to think and act quickly, able to suppress your fear and above all to trust in the Light. The Light will guide you in making the right decision. The Light will protect you.<br />
This is not something to play with. You could lose your way, your mind, your life and your soul. When ever I enter into a battle I never forget my vulnerablity and that this time I might not win. You have no business getting cocky.<br />
Hunters need to have reached a certain level in their spiritual development. We are all on the same path but we are at different places on that path. <br />
Those who hunt within the context of the Judeo/Christian belief systems are as limited as their understanding. There is a whole lot more out there.<br />
Those who wish to hunt know this: there is right and there is wrong. There is good and there is evil. It is black and white. There are no gray areas. To stray from the path has repercussions for you and for the rest of us. Stay in the Light.

And they don't want to destroy the universe, just spread suffering throughout it so that no one can advance spiritually.

More like, I am trying to raise an army OF psychic warriors. Not everyone in society would necessarily want to be a psychic warrior, but in a world of six billion, sixty million would only be one percent.<br />
<br />
Everyone should be aware of them and if you make the choice to fight them as I did, (when you are old enough that I would feel comfortable exposing you to that kind of risk) it is easier and safer, in addition to being more effective, to do it in a group, where everyone can bring different ideas, abilities, and assets together to help and support one another.

... While I am interested by your post, I'm also deeply confused, are you saying that everyone needs to train themselves to be psychic warriors so these demons don't detroy the universe/