I Have 2 Such Experiences And 1 Saved My Life!

My first experience happened a long time ago when my oldest child was a baby. I would often get up in the middle of the night and the bathroom light would be on. Neither my BF or I left light on as we always slept in the dark. One night I got up thinking this was really weird. I went in to check on my 1 year old I walked into her bedroom and saw an old man standing above her crib. I was a bit scared but a sense of total piece washed over me. I turned to go get my bf and then looked back he was gone. This happened a several times. We had found out later there was an old man who was murdered in the apartment.


My second experience. Do to some circumstances I did not have my children with me. I was on my way to catch the bus this old guy hit me with his car and knocked me down. He didn't hurt me. Traffic was bad and quite a few people stopped right in the road and jumped out of there cars. They tried to get me to go hospital but i was fine and wanted to see my 2 girls. I got on the bus and when the bus stopped i got up i looked back and there was this beautiful young women. She was glowing and absolutely the most beautiful women I had ever seen. We got off the bus and i had a feather in my hand to give my girls and tell them it was from an angel wing. I was going thru a very difficult time and in my heart i believed very much in angels because i have had many come my way to help me. The light had changed for us to cross and was stepping into the street she put her hand on my chest and pushed me back i looked at her and right then a car came speeding around the corner at high speeds. I told her thank you. I held that feather in my hand thinking i should give it to her. I decided no cause she would thing i was weird. I looked up at her to thank her once again and she disapeared i finished crossing the street and was ever so thank ful that god sent me angel that day. I was very greatful and have never forgotten and my girls stil have there mother.

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Once my mom, a nurse supervisor at Tacoma General, Allenmore, and all the other Hospitals part of Multicare, was about to die. She was having babies, me and my brother, and the diagnostics said she would probably die. And, for a second, she probably did. Then when i was older she told me before she died, the angel came and waited at her deathbed. She was the only one who could see it. She just smiled at her. Then she died. After she died her soul saw the angel reach out and touch her and say,"Your time is not over. Go back and live a happy life." At the time she was a scientist who cloned healthy trees so there were only healthy trees, and not old, crooked ones. After the angel said this my mom answered and a long conversasion followed, bla bla blabbity bla, and when she was alive again she told a person there she wanted to work there too. She passed the grades after 4 years instead of 6-8. She is loved, is able to retire, but doesn't care and works on, and literally has 1,000,000 friends. Not kidding!

this is a great experience with the angel. I dont believe in them but I hope one day if I need one God will sent me one too.

Trust me, God will not send you an angel if you do not believe. I know firsthand that angels are real and if you believe in them, you will be blessed with one when you need one.

looking at the date I wrote that comment 4 years ago :) many things have changed since then and I do believe in Angels now I hope that one will help my brother soon who is going through a difficult time right now.