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3 years ago my father died after a long time of being ill. My mother left everything just the same way in his room it was . After a month he died my sister came to visit with her 2 little children. My son and her kids were playing in his room. They were laughing loudly and jumping on the bed my father died. There was a pink-purple teddy bear on it (even in those times when my father was still alive).He used to play with it when his grandchildren were there and pretended like the teddy was alive and would move.I wanted to take a photo of the playing children. I said them they should be standing and watching into the camera. They did it. I took the photo approximately in 2 seconds. It was the cam of my mother a really old one, so I couldn't see the photo right there. After 2 or 3 weeks my mother wanted me to come over because she wanted to show me something.She gave me the photo I made of the children into my hand. On the photo there was the bed of my father, the children who were standing straight with their arms down and watching into the cam. And there was the teddy bear 1 or 1,5 meter over their heads...
I was in the room I was watching the children and didn't see how this happened. I looked at my mother and knew she thought the same as I did.
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We never die. We are eternal, and every time you think of someone who passed away, be sure that he's next to you listening. Not only he, everyone who is related to us in this and other worlds. So we're never alone.
In this case, your father wanted to tell you, that he's there and he's aright.
So don't bother. Live your life, and when it's time, you will rejoin in a better reality that you know well. The reality you came from.

Wow what a wonderful moment ... did you ever show the children it ? have you ever been to a psychic ?

Could we please see the picture? You could blur the faces of the children to maintain anonymity. But if not, we understand. :-)

I'd like to show it but my mother had it. I wanted to show it to my friends too but I couldn't :( But if I ever found it I will upload it.

What do you think happened ?

neat, I guess your dad was just checking in with the family