Strings Are Attatched... And Your Not The One Holding Them.

Ever since I was a kid I well um... interacted beings that other people couldn't see.  I don't know where or how this came about but I remember the first time i was actually concerned about my safety. I was a mental patient at one time for my anger. I don't remember the exact age but I was in my room staring at nothing but something at the same time. I was in a sort of trance I'd have to guess. my body was heavy except for a few spots at certain joint of my body. It was a weird feeling like i wasn't in control of my body anymore. On every one of those joints that i no longer controlled it felt slightly colder. like a small contained breeze I'd have to describe it as. I then saw a trail of light leading from those points leading to what i could only really guess was the holder of these "strings". I couldn't scream nor could i move i just sat there not even able to panic. In I guess about i guess 2-3hours it gave me control of my body once again. I was sweating so much like i just hiked across a desert. It was truly frightening during that time of which was not my own.
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You say inside because you hear them? When this happened what color were the beings you could see? There's usually only room for one in there but, if you detatch so easily I wonder with yourself being open to what not if they are able to link in. What do you know about protecting yourself psychically? Sorry so many questions.

I'll start with the protection explanation. I have a vivid and extremely creative imagination which is important to maintain an astral projection. I would know. plus i researched a bit into it most of it i already knew threw experience. so im not defenseless psychically. for example of a more recent moment with a wandering spirit. I was sitting at work reading and i lingered off into a trance commonly know to most as "daydreaming". and i noticed... well an outline of a person hovering over me. it reached down and tried to choke me. i still remember the feel of its "hands" closing around my neck. I wasn't worried so I imagined pushing it back from me and put it into affect. at the same time i opened a small portal to put it away for the moment. I let it out later that day with a couple bindings on it so it wouldn't get the idea to come after me again. now for the first question when i said inside me i really mean inside me. I've had a few traumatic experiences in my life as a result i split my mind into separate beings. currently the main 5 are Silvia, Kree, Shado, Lianne, and Rose. I can explain them later. as time went on they came into their own with their own thoughts and what not. yes most of them are female. another thing i'll touch base on when i get to it. colors umm not so much for me i've never focused on that i focus on feeling rather than visual when it comes to "sensing" spirits or other worldly beings. mainly cause it's hurts my eyes to focus on something not entirely of this world. and for your third comment. I've had a few experiences with a um "Linking in" as you put it. I move myself away from the host seat of my body and send my ether senses out into my surrounding area looking for roaming spirit being of sorts it doesn't matter to me evil or not cause i've long since accepted everything about myself evil and good. so i've had a few spirit stop by some a bit stronger than others. but otherwise im still good. sane... uhh stopped caring wether or not this world was real or not a long time ago. i live my existence nothing else. and questions don't bother me please do keep asking they are a joy and a journey all themselves.

First I would like to air on the side of caution with sharing your mind with anyone else. Even if they feel apart of you. If you are to countinue with this type of thing from my perspective would be to pull all these other personalities even if they are to pertect yourself together as one.Because at the time they were interally created you were facing different adversities then you are now. Leaving the majority of them obsolete. I realize that this is a tall order but, to leave them as they are now and keep doing this could be detremental to your own psychy. Also in the way of psychic pretection I would attenpt to relax and stregnthen your aura so that these type of negative beings cannot cross through or enter your space. There is much on this subject available all over the internet. Next I would get some amythist, rose quartz, and black or green tourmeline because the amythist and rose quartz attracks positive energy and the black or green tourmeline reflects negative energies. You are correct in the way that we are both dark and light, bad and evil but, it's your own free will that can make the choice. I would hope that there is a leanancy toward the light in all of us and that you can find yourself leaning in that direction. Thank you for humoring my questions :) and I hope this sends you to the correct path for youself.

I've had out of body experience's before some at will. I guess it could classify as that but the feeling was wrong. It felt more like a possesion than my spirit wandering from my body. I have many different meanings when i say beings. some of them reside within me if you know what im getting at. I'd say i have about 11-13 others besides myself residing in this body I live in.

Hi there :) as strange as it may sound it seems as if it were you holding these "strings". It can be awfully confusing at first but, it sounds as though you were have a partial out of body experience. This happens to me, not in the same way but, I have heard of the half in half out phenomena. If you'd like to talk more about this I'm all ears. As for the "beings" even more common. Hope this helps :)